Walk For Life [Sickle Cell Awareness] | Dec 3rd 2011


The WalkForLife Foundation are putting together “thousand man walk” to create awareness about Sickle Cell Disease in Nigeria. If you are in the Lagos are on the 3rd of December, 2011 we strongly urge you to attend and support this event for a great cause.

Over 150,000 children are born with Sickle Cell Disease every year in Nigeria. Just think about that for a moment.


Date: Saturday, Dec 3rd, 2011
Time: 7am (assembly at Baptist School Obanikoro)
Website: www.walkforlife-ng.org
Organizers: Bukola Sogbuyi, Temi Gomez, News of the People
Event Coordinator: Abisoye Olurin
Sponsors: The Sickle Cell Association, Lagos, Nigeria; The Celebrity International Magazine (we need more)


Progeny Foundation Nig is a Non Governmental Organization geared towards creating awareness and educating Nigerians about Sickle Cell Disease. The foundation was established by Bukola Sogbuyi who also lives with the disease and has experienced the complications and difficulties that arise due to lack of awareness and shortage of funded facilities that cater to Nigerians living with this disease. Progeny Foundation is geared towards educating the less privileged and those living below the poverty line about the disease and inexpendive measures to prevent crisis, improve health conditions and prolong the life span of Nigerians living with Sickle Cell Disease.
The foundation conducts fund raising events to be donated to the Sickle Cell Foundation and its research center. The Sickle Cell Foundation renders financial, moral and medical assistance to less privileged Nigerians living with the disease.


After a painstaking research over the years, we discovered that the under-educated and under-privileged Nigerians often times do not have access to information about the disease, neither do they have access to genetic counseing resources in order to take preventive measures. For those already living with Sickle Cell Disease, there is a need for widespread information about care, management and prevention of crisis and to de-mystify the common misconceptions about individuals living with Sickle Cell and the Disease in general
– Sickle Cell is not contagious
– Sicklers are not possessed by evil spirit
– Individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease can live healthy, productive and long lives with the proper care and medical attention

We need to improve the level of awareness about Sickle Cell Disease as the disorder has not been prioritized by the Nigerian Health Sector despite its urgent need. There is a lack of adequate information centers, awareness seminars and programs and this has resulted in the inability to significantly control the population of Nigerians living with Sickle Cell Disease and improve the quality of life of those underprivileged Nigerians who carry the SS genotype.


Our goal is to conduct a “thousand man walk” to create awareness. During the walk, information materials will be handed out (pamphlets, cards and video cds) to residents and pedestrians. Our goal is to create extensive publicity and coverage such that enough attention is generated and the government, health sectors and other non-government organizations are driven to establish or aid the establishment of more funded facilities for sickle cell research and treatment.


Bukola Sogbuyi- Founder
Temi Gomez- Director
Loye Amzat (News of the People)-Media Relations
Abisoye Olurin- Event Coordinator



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