The MADC Guide To June 12: Everything You Wanted To Know, But Were Too Confused To Ask


MKO ABiola Poster- MADC_

Along with the Civil War, June 12 is one of the stories they should teach, but don’t, in Schools.
Far too many of us are growing up with no idea what actually happened. Just a hazy recollection of names and dates and a feeling that something important happened.
That’s not enough.

It would be great if our generation grew up knowing the names, figures, dates and places where the history of this country was shaped.

What we did, here at MADC, is go through tons of articles about what happened that day. And present them, as simply and forthrightly as possible.

There are THE PEOPLE involved in and affected by events, THE NUMBERS that you should note, and the events that transpired in THE AFTERMATH.
Also, for the guys who just want to sound knowledgeable when talking about Nigerian history, we’ve included a list of COMMONLY USED PHRASES which you can randomly insert in your conversations today.


June 12- MADC Poster

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