The 2011 Harvard African Development Conference


The 2011 Harvard African Development Conference will take place on March 26th at Harvard University as part of the university-wide Africa Week.

Every year, Harvard University students from a multiplicity of backgrounds in continental Africa and its Diaspora, come together to share with their community the beauty they see in their continent through Africa Week. Sometimes bold and beautiful, sometimes subtle and profound, Africa week always reflects Harvard’s mission to create knowledge, to open the minds of students to that knowledge, and to enable students to take the best advantage of their educational opportunities.

This year we have introduced an annual development conference to the Africa week celebrations at Harvard.  The goal of this conference will be to highlight the socio-cultural, legal, political, and economic realities in Africa today. Specifically, it intends to provide a forum for practitioners in Africa to engage with students in a way that not only expands their understanding of the continent, but also inspires them into action.

for more information visit to see highlights of this year’s events.



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