Omotola At The Grammy Awards… Pictures


The gist has been all over the place. Omotola Jalade becomes the first Nollywood actress to attend the Grammy Awards. Check out the pictures.

Omotola With MoTown Recording Artist
Omotola with Leo Roders
Bishop A & Omotola

Efe & Omotola

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  1. I'm happy for her and proud that she's doing big things but…Nne i'd like to introduce you to my good friend, he works for all my friends and I regardless of body size, his name is "SPANX"

  2. As much as i like Omotola in her movies, i just have to say this -> She Looked absolutely RIDICULOUS in her “Costume”. I can’t even call that a dress! Whoever told her she looked good in that dress needs to be Slapped across the face with Malo Slippers! if she is not pregnant she cld have worn Body magic to flatten her stomach.

  3. The dress is horrible. Every one needs to know their body. She a big woman period, Regardless of diet she always has weight issues, No problem. Plenty of dresses she could wear that would conceal that stomach. The first nollywood to attend the grammy looking like that, a shame. I know she makes enough money to get a proper weave. I never understand why women leave their hair out and it it always sticks out, just pay for a full weave. It's cleaner and neater.

    • Now THIS comment is what is called CONSTRUCTIVE criticism.And it's good. Not people dishing out insults right and left.

  4. hmm, thx her stomach No be here it’za Good Feet jooOor…bt it wld av been Far better..if she had been a True African Diva!!…Genevieve 4 Represent us well sef….#chei

  5. shes beautiful but the dress and hair was a fucking mess. and is she preggers? she coulda done it big but she didn't. #epicfail

  6. Yeah thats a good example to other celebrities, when the call us local does not mean we cant go internation.. Omo sexy u just made me fill Nigerian once again u to much jor same goes to jenivive n co.

  7. i tink she’s cute. NOT! she needs d intervention of fashion court. Or beta stil, she deserves a bitch malo slippers slap accros d protruding belly.

  8. She was an embarashment 2 herself n her family,d fact dat she was once married wit kid,she was nt suppose 2 dres dat way.Wel d mistak she has made,let her learn frm it

  9. guyz! guyz!! guyz!!… plz ya’ll should let da babe be cuz most of ya ladiez out there look more horrible. Omosexy as a celebrity u need 2 work on dat tummy if u aint pregnant, but i still got yo back.

  10. Wat in d world is she wearin….xposin all dat xhibit(bra)&thighs…4some1 who claims to b a fashionista doesn’t she know wat spanks are 4…if she doesn’t know wat a redcarpet look means she should hav taken some pointers 4rm d hollywood stars b4 goin 2 embarass herself,family&country…first nollywood star to attend d grammys my ass!!!

  11. Where's her wedding Ring?You are married woman but yet u didnt wear yur wedding ring to the Grammys?Why is that Man's hand on yur ass?…this is not a Movie na Omosexy ! lol

  12. loosely, na wa oo. U no dey represent at all. Wat d hell re u wearing? The dress is lovely but its totally not for u. take a look at ur upper arm, tummy, hair, thigh and every every, sister they re totally wrong for u. Its good u went for the Grammy, but u where looking horrible.

  13. One thing I cant stand is when a Nigerian does a little thing we make it out like a big deal. We should be ashamed posting these pictures. For a Nollywood actress to go to the grammys is not a big deal or accomplishment becos she wasnt nominated for no award. You know she sat in the back of the gallery beside the other fans and celeb stylists and make up artists. She definitely didnt or wasnt on the list for any of the major industry afterparties. So carry this nonsense commot.

    Plus she looked like a hot mess. Like a ghetto chick after a club night. Cheap dress, cheap hair, cheap everything. We deserve better as a nation of well educated, beautiful and well manner people. Please take this shit down, its embarrasing.

    • Chep ke!!!dat dress cld av been anything bt cheap..abeg abeg abeg….wats d beef…even if she ad 2 sit backstage…the thing is she made it there and she made a haters av u even left the shores of lagos or the boarders of this country…omotee…weldone jare…wld av said dat dress wasn’t ready 4 sale bt 4rm these comments…I will rather say u can do better nd ignore d insults cos they don’t match ur status……

  14. omg is this omotola she looks like a fucking whale lol menh why didnt genevieve go ? why she come disgrace us like this nah omotola HA !!

  15. lolzzzz see beef ooh….omotola your dress is fine and u made history/ d records…PERIOD!!!!!!!!! i dont like u but LOVE you completely….pls live your life and ignore all haters…Cheers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Omotala, is a pretty and talented lady. My suggestion is that for a celebrity like her, she should invest into a corset. She would not be the only woman to wear one. For $35 and above she could get a good one. Whiles in the U.S, she should go to Sears, JC Penny or Macys.

  17. Girl u arin’t looking bad at all!! Just d’nt mind d critics, cos they can’t have wat u have n their are enviours… Just do wat u think is the best and i wish u God’s speed. Jüst proud of u ko!

    • Oracle, when you care about someone you tell them the truth. Omotala is a prretty woman, but she wore the wrong dress period.
      I bet you, Omotala would like people to tell her the truth than kiss her ass.

  18. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

    All of you above me should get some business about your selves….Hate Full as Mo fos

  19. Some people never cease to amaze me.tell the truth and you’re called a hater,now that’s down right ridiculous! Omotola’s pretty,aint no doubt about that.The dress on the other hand is lovely,only worn by the wrong person.My advice to her is to wear something that’ll cover the unattractive on her slightly flabby body(upper arm,bulging tummy that got me thinking she’s preggers) which comes as no surprise after 4 kids(no excuse all the same).A bulging tummy on that kindda outfit is a NO NO!I personally do not see anything hateful in constructive criticism.get a hold of yourselves ass kissers!!!

    • I agree, she is a pretty lady, but the dress was bad for her. I have seen her in movies with better looking dresses. She just have to have to know the truth in order not to repeat herself next time.

  20. C haters o. Abeg abeg abeg, anybody wey no like her dressing mak im go hug a fully powered transformer. She don wear am b say she don wear am.
    Enemies! Una want mak she spend 5million for clothe like dos useless so called divas bcos she wan impress una for one mumu grammy awards, abi?
    Carry go jó omosexy, anybody wey no like ur dressing mak im change sit. Nonsense

    • She does not have to spend 5 million.
      The problem with today's woman is lacking self confidence. Fat women wearing the wrong dresses and expect to remind beautiful, wear the right dress and people will see your true beauty. When you wear the wrong dress it rather draws attention to your flaws.
      I leave in the US and I come across so many beautiful women who try to compete with skinny women. Who woul done do that. Make use of who you are. They wear the wrong clothes and they expect their husband to lie to them and say "Oh sweetie you love good" whiles she look so bad.

      One of the secrets too beauty is being truthful to oneself, and that would make you have confidence and carry yourself with grace.
      Not trying to be soomething you are not.

      • hmm i hear you seems like u have a book on the way" the key to dressing well for FAT, POOCH BELLY PEOPLE" it will really sell. no offense tho but i just think people bad mouthed her too much yea wat she wore is inappropriate for her body type but people shouldnt be calling her sluts, bitch, a disgrace to nigerians wat the heck is dat! Some people dont know how to dress n maybe need turtorials on dressing but the name calling should stop!

  21. girl! what were u thinking don't u have friends? this is what is called TACKY in the fashion world. take some lessons from genevieve and u need to see ifeoma williams immediately.

  22. What was going thru her head? Doesn't she know what is called fashion? If she does, what will she call her looks on that day? Does she think its nigeria home video where the whole crew are all fakes. This is a disgrace to the nigerian fashion world.

  23. she looks thrashy.after all the mouth she makes during interviews.she is a disgusting human being.Omotola dressing for your body size is not rocket science neither is fixing your hair properly.slut!

  24. I’m not surprised, Omotola has always done the scruffy. This is not about attending the grammy or not. If we r truthful we’ll accept that Omotola has always had a problem with style. Her clothes and hair always makes one wonder. This is a problem that even some holywood stars have had. She strikes me like someone who either doesn’t have friends or doesn’t listen to them. Style is something that not everybody possesses but when one is in the lime light a lot is expected. Body magic or any other good girdle would have taken care of the bulging stomach or a different dress if she’s preggers. Style does not have to be expensive. Finally Omotola, I’m advising you not as a fan but a fellow lady, pls ask for help from a stylist to finally sort your style problems. You’ll be surprised how many Nigerian celebrities have engaged the services of professional stylists.
    . I pray she announces soon that she’s indeed pregnant

  25. wow wat i saw was distingusting for my look out hmm omosexy u are more than wat u jst did out there u ve disgraced nigerians culture ant made yhe movie industry a laughing 1 of ur fans but seeing this u re deleted

  26. omotola u did jst bad nd i dnt approve of it u are my star and i am ur fan so plz act like the mother u are and nt a girl of 5

  27. Gosh people are so freaking mean and disrespectful! y are u calling her a bitch yea wat she wore doesnt fit her body type, but y call her a slut its just a bit too much! i bet majority of u are fat ass*s who wished they had her body after 5 kids! go freaking get a life and stop degrading her! she still goin to make her money n dat doesnt mean her life is over shes a great actress! "shes a disgrace to her family" how abt u let her family (husband) be the judge of that. SHUT THE F**K UP and go look at urselves in d mirror.

  28. Wow! Read all you comments. There really isn’t need to be insulting, and I agree that constructive criticism is the way forward. Al Baby hit the hammer on the nail! Omotola has always had a style problem.gene employs a stylist and you can tell. If u compare the gene of earlier times when she started acting and gene now, u will see true difference! Omotola uses the wrong idea for style, ‘the tighter and shorter, the sexier’.That’s just wrong thinking! She needs a stylist now more than ever since she’s trying to venture into international waters.I agree she looked a complete mess. I hope she reads this and accepts that she’s got a style issue. There are loads of woMen on the red carpet who are plus sizes. In fact, the fat black lady in glee was nominated for ‘best dressed’ by the Fashion Police hosted by Joan, so yes, fat gals can look good! She had the right dress on for her size, right accessories, right hair style. As for that clown with his hand on her backside,that’s it really, he is a clown!!! .t

  29. Which kind disgrace be dis one. The fact dat she is the first doesn’t mean she should embarass african culture. See hair, GOSH. She if damn too fat. If na genevieve. We for praise am well well, no be dis omotola. Shameless.

  30. Really, the name-calling is out of place. She only wore a bad outfit. OK, an indecent outfit. But I’ve personally suspected her general disposition towards what one might consider erm…worldly, after a line from her song; “boys are gettin’ naughty…”. At the time, I felt it was a bit inapprorpriate coming from a married Nigerian woman. Now this. Mr MoTown Records. But hey, it’s 2011. Some of our women have become somewhat bolder (like the men). Cut her some slack, or give her more flak. I ain’t judging her.

  31. Looooooooool!!! That is facking hideous. She’s just lucky that fashion police didn’t take much interest in her. Joan Rivers would have insulted her like bloody sheggae. Hahaha!! Genevieve for better sef!

  32. Omotola is no doubt, a beauty to behold and she possesses the true Naija woman's full figure which naturally comes to pass after child birth. However, Omotola needs a fashion adviser and a good hair stylist. None is perfect hence she should work on these points. Also, a star needs to work on her body to enable her numerous fans who see her as a role model commend her. Omotola, please take cues from Rita D.

    • what are u saying she should have saved much more and gone for a tummy tuck before disgraceing the red carpet with “that”. if she came out in a nice ankara or any nigerian textile, then u can say she is representing us . anything other that, sorry to say she is a mess

  33. Lmfaoooooo! Nigerians you are so comical. OmoT baby I love you but girl you completely lost it this time you have to do something about your belly too if you ain’t pregnant I have seen you in a smaller figure even after your 4 kidos so what up this time?

  34. Its called grammys and not a costume party!!!!!I relly love you for how you represented nollywood but not this nite gown or pyjamas you wore for the grammys!!!hope you didn’t go close to the likes of usher or justin bieber cos they would so enter you with yabs!!!was the dress made out of carton???

  35. Na wah o….. She shouldn’t have gone. Wat is dat dress, I’m not even lookin @ d hair yet. ‎​Ǎ̜̣̍ simple 2k girdle can arrange dat belly. And please u must not wear skimpy things to be sexy….. Omo u 4 stayhouse make cold catch u instead o…..





  37. With a spanx under dat dress n her hair all to the back in a classy bun….think she wld ve looKed better. I’m sure naija stars will begin to invest in stylist dat knw the job to hook them up for Events like their foreign counterparts do. She’s doing well in her career though n mr motown is a complete ass…u dnt like ur head were it is, i guess.

  38. LMAOOOOO!!! Omo T be like “KILIWI NWANCHUKWU D BOXER”!!! OMG… But Pls my fellow naija pple, lets give her some benefit of doubt n assume its a similar case of “Only D wise Ones Can See D True Beauty of The King’s Garment” Haaaahaaaaahaaaaa……….. I cant fit Shout!!!

  39. she looked ok to me though she would av looked better if she wore a corset or body magic or maybe even some other dress. At least she was there dats the koko, thumbs up omosexy

  40. Omo Sexy! Invest in body magic – 25k, wear darker colours they slim you. Also, invest in a personal trainer or do a sport you enjoy. Tell you’re manager to keep his hands off your butt! That’s just wrong! Love yah galfriend you’re beautiful!

  41. Fine lookin’ Omotola attended the grammys 1.she wore a dress showin’ her huge thighs,buttocks,nd tommy 2.had pics wit a dude touchin’ her big ass…. The truth’s dat dis motha(aftrall she’s gat kids) “KNOWINGLY” did all these coz she doesn’t giv a damn abt what ya’ll might say or comment abt her(positivly or negativly).Of course she saw her appearance(she get eyes naw!!!!) INDEED “her hubby must be a real gentleman”

  42. Its just totally awful, that Omotola went to d grammys looking like dis, even if she doesn’t ve a stylist doesn’t she ve DSTV!!hasn’t she ever watched Enews! She needs to get her style checked! For someone her age and status a more Elegant look would have been better!

  43. what is this? FASHION POLICE WHERE ARE U? THE FIRST NOLLYWOOD STAR TO BE INVITED TO GRAMMY, JUST DISGRACED NIGERIA. Omotola were you scared of inferiority complex? pls next time try & dress ur age, if there will ever be a next time.

  44. Good heavens, almost all hollywood A-listers make fashion mistakes, I cann’t believe u guys actually see ‘fashion police’. Some even had the guts to bring G in2 d picture. Una no see wehtin she wear take present at d MAMA. What’s wrong with d dude’s hand around her waist? U guys are archaich! Pls keep the good work up sis, I knw u’ll make a huge come-back!

  45. Body magic sef go struggle, abeg reduce iyan and bokoto and get some exercise!!!. Having said this I hope you learn from this experience!!

  46. She’s such an eye-sore, look at her POT belly, as a so-called nollywood star she suppose dey work out to keep looking fit trim & sexy (even for her husband) she suppose look around her see all the other shapely women for background.

  47. It amazes me how pips praise omotola wen indeed she paid to be at d grammy.What is d big deal abt being the first? Look at all d pics, not even one did she take with a known artist except her so called promoters. She obviously took the back seat as nobody noticed her.And by the way, I didn’t see her walk d red carpet. U wanna know a true star? That’s Genevieve. She dey her own jeje and Oprah called her Julia Roberts of Africa. She dey her own, she was unanimously selected as CNN connector of the day and was also on African Voices. She didn’t need promoters/sponsors, she was voted by Africans all over the world. Then look out how she comported herself in the various interviews, the way she spoke, her dressing,her make up, her hair-she totally even wowed Pedro Pinto and Max Foster. THAT’S A TRUE STAR!

  48. i so much like omotala, she is a mentor, not just a mentor but a mother to all, i luv her, becus she is one in a thousand, keep on god is on your side.

  49. What was she finkn?omg! U don’t have 2 wear short to look sexy that is one notion africans attach 2 sexiness……..a sexy floral gown wud hav fit better on your body type….you have a well structured frame so with a late 80’s pony tail u wudda been elegant rather than being in this rag* I respect you as a woman but dis is totaly unacceptable,try and seek advce 4rm GEny she has truly evolved.I lyk ppl hu learn~read mags,watch runway shows to be updated wen it coms 2 fashion.bless

  50. OMOTOLA why did you disgrace us this much!!! When you are going to hollywood you show off african fashion. what where they thinking to pick you to go there. I know that we are fashionistas. Your fashion was backwards and you need to introiduce yourself to body magic. Genevieve should have gone there to show us off PROPERLY!! in future if you're going to any premiere you need to rescpect yourself and make sure you have a image consultant. sorry, but the truth had to be said.

  51. i never believe that omo sexes will disgrace us this way, look at what she is wearing look at her breast showing i want to ask who advice her to put on that nonsenses. i never new you are this way shame to you not to 9ja girls.

  52. i never believe that omo sexes will disgrace us this way, look at what she is wearing look at her breast showing i want to ask who advice her to put on that nonsenses. i never new you are this way shame to you not to 9ja girls.

  53. I’d score Omotola 4/10. She looks like she was stuffed into a bag. Her hair is a mess. Its so gross she chose this dress for the grammy. It beats me when people compare omotola and genevieve. Agreed omotola is a fine woman but gen is an exotic chic. Not an in-your-face kind of person but simple and gorgeous. Not struggling to impress but being her simple self anytime, anyday. that girl sure rock!!! if it were to be gen, she would have wowed us with her simple but classy look. too bad omosexy.


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