NYC Independence Day Parade… Review & Pictures



This past weekend, Nigerians from the Tri-State state area and from all over came to proudly represent, “Green White Green” at the annual Nigerian day parade. From 54th to 44th street the NYPD barricaded 10 blocks for floats, paraders, and fascinated tourists. Although it began African time instead of 11 a.m. it was worth the 2 hour wait. The parade officially began with an opening prayer, followed by the Nigerian national anthem, and then the first song, “Osondi Owendi” that played loud enough for all of New York to hear.

After the parade concluded, the park festival began feet away from the parade site. Vendors sold everything thing from suya, meat pie, puff puff, chin chin, Nigerian flags, wrist bands, T-shirts, and hats- you name it, it was there. Entertainers like the Naija Boyz, actor Gbenga Akinnagbe, and rapper Iceberg Slim were there enjoying every moment of the festivities, and reggae artist Serani performed in front of thousands. Media heavyweight, WPIX-TV was also there recording moments to share to the community.

Moms, dads, grandparents, teens, adults and children came as they do every year, making it more successful than the last. It only gets bigger and better, as it should! Next year abeg you don’t want to miss out on an even bigger parade and festival. The “heart of Africa” and the “heart of New York,” guess the two go hand in hand. See you all next year, at Naija’s 51st!


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Pictures by Oyato & Ify

Coverage Write up by Ify


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