New York Fashion Week Recap 2: Home Grown


Last week, fashion week in this part of the world was filled with designers like Donna Karan, BCBG MaxAzria, Tommy Hilfiger and Tracy Reese. Let’s bring it a little closer to home to see what the designers from our great continent of Africa were up to during the fashion frenzy that was fashion week.


Some posts ago, I announced that Aya Morrison was to host a Shopping Soiree here in New York during fashion week. Well she did and the people came, they saw and SHE conquered.

Here is the designer photographed with clutches from her Spring 2011 Collection. The event took place at at a high end hair salon named Georgia in Manhattan. People sipped wine while they shopped, talk about doubling your satisfaction.

Tables were topped with accessories like these multicolored belts of various sizes.

Along with belts and other accessories were of course more purses of every print, color and style. The black one in the foreground is my absolute favorite.

For ordering info email them at

Look up the fan page on Facebook under the name Aya Morrison.

Next up we have a semi-veteran of a designer. Let me put it out there that I am a (Stan) fan of his work and it doesn’t hurt that he’s Nigerian. He is definitely not your conventional designer, which I admire so let’s have a round of applause for Duro Olowu.

Here he is, the man himself reveling in his creation. Revel on, my brother, revel on!

Duro Olowu is a master at giving you that ‘WOW’ factor. You would not have guessed that putting this coat on top of this gown would work but he did. The gown compliments the coat even with the cuffed up sleeves. The gown is totally feminine while adding a masculine touch with the rolled up sleeves. (Which is a habit I’ll never get over, my sleeves on my blazer or jackets are almost always rolled up.)

Once again, he mixes and matches. But what matches, you ask? The print matches so it works. I wouldn’t mind having that top in my closet, right about now.

Hello! I hate capes and poncho like shawls but I must say that this is eye catching! If you’re into the whole shock factor, grab yourself one of these and have a field day! It essentially looks like an 7th grade art project and I love that about it.

Yes! I need this to go with my Russian Fur Hat and I’m set. This coat makes me want to endure another month of winter just to wear this in the streets and OPPRESS people. The purple make it looks regal and the neckline is forgiving, making its wearer appear to have a slim neck. *in love*

Well there you have it…Aya Morrison out of Ghana and Nigerian designer, Duro Olowu. I pray they continue to make us proud. Next up we’ll get into London’s Fashion Week. Yes! The madness continues…and I LOVE IT!

Till next time…


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