NEA Style Report: Shine, Shine and YES more Shine!


Happy Friday ladies and gents!

As you all know the 2011 Nigerian Entertainment Awards went down last weekend and it was (for me) one to remember. New York City was bombarded with Nigeria’s very own entertainment industry. The three day event hosted the industry’s heavy hitters like Funke Akindele, Julius Agwu, M.I, Jesse Jagz, Ice Prince, W.A.J.E, Juliet Ibrahim and the list could literally go on.

But let’s stop it right there and get down to what really caught my fancy. What might that be you ask? Well the fashion of course! What people wore that weekend made me do two things, either nod in agreement or shake my head in protest! But let’s focus on the GOOD, shall we?

Actress Funke Akindele on stage with her co-host Julius Agwu

Funke aka Jenifa wowed everyone with her dresses, after all she did have more than one change, 2 to be exact! Please believe I counted. I especially love this one she has on (pictured above). The glassy jewels on top of the sheer material is pure perfection for her frame and the color compliments her skin tone. I could definitely use this dress in my closet.

Singer WAJE killing it on stage (my best performance)

This dress caught me off guard and in a good way. I love the structure of it, it reminds me of architecture with the shapes it creates. The color works as well in making you see the actual construction of it. For those of you that feel that fashion isn’t art, abeg slap yourself and look at her dress very well.

Actress Juliet Ibrahim on the red carpet

I, for one, have slowly become a fan of jewel pieces on any kind of dress so this gown works for me. In essence, Juliet is rocking a black mermaid style gown but the jewels down the front and along the neckline are what make it pop. Its enough to make you look and keep looking so enjoy the view.

Actress Susan Peters presenting an award

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t too sold on the style and color of the dress but I must say the cut and fit was phenomenal. I also give her props for having that Lady Gaga approach to her fashion choices because that style takes guts to do so kudos to her.

Actress & Writer Esosa Edosamwan presenting an award

For this look, please google ‘1920’s flappers girls‘ and you’ll see why I say this dress reminds me of them. This is a vintage style dress and it moves with ease due to its loose fit. Then the stripes help in bringing contrast to the dress. Another outfit I wouldn’t mind having in my closet.

Singer Zaina posing backstage for the camera

The color combination is what love about this dress. Then the style brings it all together. Note to all: gold looks great against all brown skins so to all my Africans sisters (and brothers) never stop wearing it.

Guest Oluchi posing for the camera after the show

This girl came to impress and definitely did. With embellishments all throughout the gown she really did shine that night. The soft rosy color was icing on this gown’s cake. What I also loved about it was the sleeves, plunging neckline and how her shape was defined in the gown. Ladies every dress does not have to be skin tight to show off your body. I was and I am still sold on this number.

I’ve taken note and will be back next year looking ten times better than I did this year, hope you will.

Shout out to Amin Ameen Photography ( and AdeWest Media ( for the photo coverage.

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