June 12 Meets Media: An Evening With Media Professionals


Meets Media, a monthly media hangout and networking platform that enables communication and marketing professionals to hear from leading media organisations on how their respective companies work. This platform is to provide an insight to public relations, advice on brand/product coverage, and to build a beneficial mutual relationship. 

Meets Media is designed to create an atmosphere of unlimited fun where publishers, writers, broadcasters, online mavens, corporate organisations, entrepreneurs, brand strategists, artistes, actors, record label, filmmakers, Publicists, producers, among others gather to interact and share ideas while celebrating their achievements, and welcoming corporate organizations and individuals for press briefing purposes.

This 3-hour event will feature:

· Celebrity live chats

· Media Personality profile read out

· Music video premiere

· Brand exhibition

· Games

· Cocktails

· Live music video reviews

And more.

The unveiling of ‘Meets Media’ is scheduled for Sunday 12th June 2016 at the Courtyard, Best Western Hotel, Ahmadu Bello Way, Bar Beach, Victoria Island.


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