In Pictures: Fa​shion VS Music: The Maiden Event 2012


We waited while holding our breaths for the 28th of July to come around, now it has come and gone and we weren’t disappointed. Despite the late start, Fashion VS Music was totally on point with all the acts ready and raring to go the minute the stage was set. For real, MAP Media had made a conscious effort to cut out on the ‘Nigerian time’ factor and starting early enough and this reflected in everything that happened.

Hosted by Austin Akpan and Shola Oyeneye, formerly of NN24, the defunct news channel, introduced Ohax Akwiwu and Yemisi Aiyegbusi of MAP Media to tell the guests why they were there, obviously brimming with love for
the arts, Ohax and Yemisi told us how fashion and music have left just being a sphere of entertainment to being part of everyday life, and how it was important to recognize the new talents that are coming up from these industries.

Ekeng Bassey was the opening act of the event, starting it off with his soulful voice and a corresponding ballad to go with it to set the mood of the evening, followed closely by Isaac Geralds who gave the crowd some of his afro-pop tunes to groove to. New talents like Kay, Spicy, Young Pizzy, S.O.J, Esojay Luciano and more were on stage that evening thrilling guests, but the highlight of the night had to be when Engager, who many have compared to D’Banj when he was just starting out, came on stage and thrilled the audience with his small skit which elicited a proposal from one of the guys in the audience to his girlfriend, and rounded it up with an exciting performance. The performance by Kennis’ Music’s new artiste, Sledge, was also greatly applauded as he performed his hit track “Oga Remix” which just hit the airwaves and TV stations.

On the fashion front, O’Daniel Clothing started it all and the only way was up, everyone went crazy for his designs even as his models put up a little show that excited the audience. Dadu Bajo, O’milua, Tolchy Couture and Laj Clothing showed to even more applause, especially as former top model, Ekene Ezeli, was one of the models for Laj Clothing, making the audience’s excitement reach fever pitch. It was a fulfilling night as the music acts and fashion designers had the opportunity to enjoy the attention, fame and applaud like the real superstars we count them to be in the nearest possible future.

According to the CEO of Map Media Consult, Temitope Longe “Our aim at Fashion VS Music is to show that there are diamonds in the rough who are yet to shine through and all they need is a platform to show what they can do and give what they have to offer, and we have provided that platform. We’re just happy we could do just that and make sure everyone has a good time as well, we’re definitely coming back real soon with the next edition.”

So, what everyone thought was an ambitious dream, Temitope Longe, Sukanmi Sosanya, Ohax Akwiwu, Omokehinde Thomas, and Yemisi Aiyegbusi dreamt of it and brought it to life, and as the slogan of Fashion VS.
Music goes ‘The Future Is Here’, indeed they have shown us that it’s time to stand up and take notice, because the future is indeed here.

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