Black Friday Is Almost Here


Very soon, Nigeria will dive into shopping week with the biggest sale days of the year. In recent years, American tradition to turn the day after the Thanksgiving into best shopping day of the year has become popular all over the world. There is hardly anyone, who is going to miss an opportunity to buy things they’ve been dreaming about at prices they can afford. However, Black Friday on Jiji provides equally advantages for buyers and sellers.


Firstly, because you are not greedy. Secondly, because it is fun!
Jokes aside, but on Black Friday, Jiji makes making money even easier.

  • ➢ You will be able to attract more buyers than usually.
  • ➢ It is a chance to sell items, which are not popular and which you couldn’t sell for a long time.
  • ➢ It is an opportunity to find new customers and expand the market.
  • ➢ It is the right time to experiment with new goods and ideas.

The main thing you should remember is that the most attractive part of “Black Friday sales in Nigeria” is “sales.” People do not always buy what they need, they buy what they like and what they can afford. So now, imagine you are the one, who refuses to lower prices. You will be the one, who gets no buyers, when Black Friday 2017 comes.


Get ready to Black Friday beforehand.

  • ➢ Remember the date. It’s November 24th.
  • ➢ Research the market. Try to find out, what is the best Black Friday deal, and lower prices for items in high demand.
  • ➢ Study competitors. Find out, what is going on with the sellers with similar profiles to yours.
  • ➢ Remember about changes on Jiji. Special pages will appear on the website, where all items with discounts during recent 7 days will be featured.
  • ➢ Change a price to the lower. The discounts may vary from 5% to 90%.
  • ➢ To sell on Jiji successfully, make sure your items are on the list. Start lowering prices from November 18th to get your items featured on promo pages.


If you are a beginner, who wants to sell online in Nigeria, you have chosen the right time and place. Learning how to sell on Jiji will take only a few minutes.

1. Open
2. Register or sign in with Facebook/Google profile.
3. Post an ad. For this, fill in the required information and add some photos.
4. Wait for your first buyer and make the first deal.
5. Lower prices to join promo pages.

In long-lasting perspective, you can use boost and top packages for promotion of your items. On Jiji, any user can post an unlimited number of ads free of charge. Promo packages allow placing a single or multiple ads on the top for one, three, or six months. Flexible options and minimal investment is the key to starting successful business with the perspective of moving offline.

The sales will come in a few weeks. It is up to you to choose whether to stay in trend or get lost and forgotten in the hustle of buyers, looking for hot deals and low prices.


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