You will Be Forgotten when you are not Updating!


I just got back from Sound Sultans birthday and I’m still awed by how relevant this genius has managed to keep himself over these years in the Nigerian Entertainment Industry which is such that almost everything works on the reverse.I got to the party rather late given that many bottles had been emptied and i saw where the contents went as everyone was bursting an Azonto move either to the left or to the right.

Many artists were there, some were from the latter era where Sound Sultan pioneered from and so many are from the “Slim Pants and snap back era”. Everyone clamored around the lanky man who you could easily mistake for a fresh 2012 artist given the looks and disposition of the man. Apparently everyone loved and respected him and you could nearly see their hearts through the way they celebrated with him. I could go on and on to “write the picture’ of how it went but that’s not what inspired my imagination .

I looked at the influx of so many people into the entertainment industry in recent times,everybody wants a piece of it. They must have the heard kind of money guys like Tuface, Dbanj, Sultan, P-square, Davido, Chuddy k, Wizkid and other lots are charging for shows. This has led to to the discovery of so many good or rather very good artist (vice versa ) with different styles and strategies to carve a niche for themselves. The focus has moved from the message of the material they project to the image of the material. So much is invested in packaging thus giving credence to unproductive output in terms of quality of the material itself. Competition is tighter and more fierce and your talent is not enough to take you anywhere reasonable. You will need to pull a serious stunt like back flipping on a rope to survive. Unfortunately whether we like it or not, it is what it has become and you will either forge your key to access the new door or stick to the old room filled with good old books no one wants to read anymore. To survive takes the Grace of God or the the uniqueness of a guy like Sound Sultan who never strayed from the cause but rather forged his own key to access any kind of door that will ever be.

You can goggle for his profile as to when he began his career because I don’t really know that, but I have known his material for 13 yrs now and he has never dropped any yet that hasn’t survived the inevitable challenges of change as it relates to trends in the entertainment industry.The man even dabbled but successfully  into comedy with the famous “Kate” joke when the comedians were the rave of entertainment as well as pro dancing during the SOD celebrity takes 2 Dance reality show


Then he came with the live music performance style.He was always fusing his versatility into everything he chose to do.This cant never be all he did to stand out, I’m mentioning these examples because these were the times when my system registered a recreation of his personality as i had earlier absorbed it.

*For further Reading,Search sound sultan in goggle (wink)

Snoop Dogg’s career has spanned over two decades now, He steadily updated his act so much he cant be forgotten,He is now “Snoop Lion”,can you imagine! most importantly he never lost what made him thick which is of course quality and original material(not Aso Ebi o).

Alongside Sultan this morning were other “up-daters” like DJ Jimmy Jatt, Baba Dee, I didn’t see Tu face but we were in his rumored club so that also puts him in my mind. Many started but not all are still here, I wonder if the new era of artists will have fellas whose careers will span for that long especially given that there is hardly any with an original Material, so much is either recycled or repackaged. But no matter what,when you’re not updating…you will be forgotten.

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