If Wizkid Dies Today Would He Be Regarded As A Legend? YES/NO

Wizkid – Lagos Vibes

Starboy honcho, Wizkid made headlines only a few days ago when he cancelled all shows and concert due to his ill health. This would make it the second time in twelve months the ‘Come Closer’ crooner has had to withdraw from work due to health issues as advised by his doctors.

In the midst of his announcement via his twitter account to his over 3 million followers, the 27-year-old made a tweet which he hurriedly deleted. The star boy tweeted ‘If I die today, I die a legend’. Perhaps Wizzy was listening to Drake’s ‘Legend’ when he let out that tweet and just may be the hook was playing at the time.

Oh my God, oh my God

If I die, I’m a legend

Oh my God, oh my God

If I die, I’m a legend

We all wish Wizkid a speedy recovery and above all we want him to be around here for a very long time.

Nevertheless, if Wizkid dies today would he be regarded as a legend?

We at Jaguda aired our individual opinions on if Wizkid should be considered a legend already.

Aribaba: ‘From 2007/08 to 2017. That’s about 9-10 years of not just consistency but constantly defying the odds and breaking boundaries. He is (in my opinion) the greatest Nigerian artist of his generation.’

djruffee: ‘First of all, who is a legend or a legendary person? We could say someone who has achieved fame as a result of mastery of his/her art or skill. If we go by this definition, then Wizkid is a legend. No Nigerian artiste in this Era has put Nigerian on the world map like he has done. From hits to collaborations, to endorsements, fame, fortune, awards, etc.

We like to believe legends are only those who laid the foundation but I want to disagree with that school of thought. Anyone who can build on a solid foundation should be regarded as a legend.  He has achieved all of this at what age? C’mon, mans a legend.’

georgekaydee: ‘Don’t get me wrong, Wizkid basically changed the game and the music industry would forever respect him for that. To be frank I may be wrong not to consider him a Legend but mehn, for me it does not feel right just yet.

A lot of young kids never met Michael Jackson but you see them dancing the “Jackson Dance”.  Fela, Bob Marley, Lucky Dupe and a couple others, are we ready to pool to Wizkid with them?

Someone recently compared Wizkid to Fela and it sounded really awful to the ear. I mean Fela created a genre, shook an entire government. I don’t think I’m ready to pitch them together tho, just painting you a picture.

I believe he is a working progress to becoming one but now, for me, it’s a no.’

Bilo: ‘No lies bro. He is a legend already. Looking at his accolades, It is evident that he has broken boundaries that even those that paved the way could not break.’

arthurshur: ‘It’s a tough question when considering Wizkid has achieved a gargantuan sized success as never seen before by a contemporary artiste. But actually crowning Wizkid a legend would be too early.

I think there is something missing about the whole legendary status, probably because I have really not seen Wizkid champion a cause or represent a certain ideology with his music. When Wizzy starts epitomizing a certain ideology then would he qualify to be called a legend. Until that happens the star boy is just a youth living his dreams to the max.’

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  2. I totally disagree, don’t get me wrong. I know wizkid baba nla is very talented and one of the best artist not just in Nigeria but also in Africa and beyond. He has also gotten a lot of awards and achievement to prove it. In addition to his high net worth as one of the richest artist in Africa. But does that make him a legend? A capital NO – I won’t say much. Thanks


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