The 2016 edition of the very coveted Grammy awards goes down today, and it’s that time once again to not only admire the best musicians of the past year from an international standpoint, but also check and reflect on who among our current crop of Nigerian artists can win a Grammy. Which Nigerian artist is most likely to win it first?

While Mali, South Africa, Senegal, and Benin can all boasts of having Grammy winners (in some cases multiple), we don’t have any yet especially being a country that produces so much music on a yearly basis. Most recently Femi Kuti has been nominated four times at the Grammy Awards but has come up short each time.

So who’s likely to win a first Grammy for Nigeria? Many Nigerian artists sing about it in their lyrics and talk about it *coughs Skales, Burna*, but do they really think they will? Do they make the music that will take them to that podium? Are they getting the international PR and promotion they should?

History suggests Femi Kuti, who has 4 nominations across previous years, has the best chance of winning one first, but time is against him. Other names that get thrown around a bit are Asa, Darey, Lagbaja, Timi Dakolo, Nneka, Praiz, and Brymo. But these are just the names that get associated with the award quite a bit. It could be anyone quite honestly. So I ask;

Which Nigerian Artist Is Most Likely To Win A Grammy First?

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  1. Well I have just two artist burna boy is A sure banker if he continues in this momentum the other act has to be vectorthaviper.cheers just my own opinion

  2. If anyone is going to win, it’ll be Femi Kuti. He’s been the closest so far and with the music the rest make, save Asa, I find it hard for anyone to even get nominated

  3. well Nigerian youth’s don’t love good music dats why our artists making useless songs dat can’t even get close to winning a Grammy, dats y rapes are all over cos wat dey watch on TV is affecting us unknowingly, most of all d songs now dey are empty dey don’t make single sense to me cos dey say music is life but d music our artists making for us now gat no life in it dey just make music dat leads us astray and is destroying us u may want to abuse me or insult me for wat am saying but all I know is dat I have spoken so I let u do d thinking wit ur brain, cos if we don’t stand up and stop all dis useless artists dropping useless songs and we go and dance to dem cos is danceable just know dat we have our own generation coming we are putting dem in danger if we don’t fight d useless once making rubbish songs, ok let’s see it dis way, how will u feel if ur child returns home from school telling u dat dad my teacher said I should visit him dat he wants to je ishe mi, won’t u call d teacher a bad person but u allow the useless artists to sing songs talking rubbish nd showing off naked body on TV nd u say I love dat guy, den u are a fool nd an idiot for calling ur child teacher a bad person. so I guess am going to stop here. as for artist dat can win Grammy u av to be a very good artist dat arranges ur words right compose well nd can relate well wit people nd pass information to dem, I can’t say Timi, Asa or darey can’t win it but d person I see dat gat dat thing dat it takes to win it is yemi Alade, cos if u check well u will see dat she sang song in another language dat is different from naija language nd she did dat in like 4 to 5 different songs cos she love good music she gat dat drive for good music not drive for making a commercials all in d name of money nd ur song don’t have to be beat banging nd danceable song before is call a heat, 2Face sang African queen wasn’t banging nd wasn’t danced to in d club but is a hit so plz tell me why danceable song should now be called a hit is it cos everyone is dancing to it. nope before a song should be called hit ur lyrics well compose ur content nd information nd ur messages dat u passing should make in pact in lives of our us all our youth’s and our generations to come. thank you

  4. Y’all forget that Africans musicians are featured in the world music category and cultural music is more considered. I would say Asa or Lagbaja or Seun Kuti… the rest are just pangolo music.

  5. It could be anyone really like you said.. and you will be shocked, it will be a name you will consider “unknown”. It’s not about international pr and promotions, it’s about the art and heart of the music and its reach. Everyone take a seat and watch it happen.

  6. Badoo, wizzy and Davido re out of it, dey re jus gud in Niger. Wen we talking abt d Grammy’s we shud b talikn abt Ty bello, ASA, Femi kuti, 2face, Burna boy, Timi dakolo

  7. My Pick: ASA, Beautiful Nubia, Brymo, NNB and maybe Darey. Any of these artistes winning grammys will satisfy me cus their music skays and can stand in contest in any international music award stage.

  8. I don’t think a Nigerian must win Grammy to prove we make good music here. The most important thing is to make the kind of music people around you can connect to and Nigeria does that better than every other African country, even better than some European and Asian countries. Make them take their Grammy. After all, them dey treat our musicians like trash when they get nominated for BET. Abeg, make we change topic joor.

  9. MI, have you heard IM3. That’s is the closest a pop artist has come to making grammy standard music in Nigeria. Burna Boy as well, super talent that makes very unique music that can become world music, Ruby Gyang, with the right producers and positioning, she cannot shame Nigeria, Femi Kuti is still a strong suggestion, Jesse Jagz how did I almost forget.


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