We need to be sure! Is Vector now a local rapper?


Vector tha viper needs no introduction as the lyricist on the roll for new rap generation. He spits bars that makes your favorite rapper a fan. Vector’s rap strength, ambiguous lines (punchlines) and flow cannot be compared to any of the new rap generation (at least not none that we know of).

He won the hearts of all including our mothers and fathers after the release of “Angeli” featuring veteran yoruba singer “9ice”.

In my opinion which many would share with me “Vector” is one out of many to be really successful in the Rap industry (excluding the indigenous Rappers)

Vector has won awards upon awards and has appealed a whole lot of crowds at shows, concerts and the likes.

2014 wasn’t all a good year for the rapper as that was when he had record label issue which made us see less of him.

Vector in 2015 seems to be really amazing and non-stereotyped. He released his official single “KingKong” in which we surprisingly heard him go off his comfort zone to spitting lines in Yoruba mixed with English.

It is Evident the rapper is on a rebirth course and has considered eXpanding his fan base including the yoruba people which are of his alma matter.

We also heard him spit lines in yoruba in “SBM” by Ibile United Rapper SERIKI.

Following the recent recourse by energetic lyricist, Should we conclude “VECTOR IS NOW AN IBILE RAPPER” ?


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