You Think Someone is Stalking You? How To React!



Do you think you are being stalked by someone? This can be a very frightening and potentially dangerous situation.

If you do have a stalker there are ways to know, ways to protect yourself and ways to stop it.

1. When meeting people be polite and friendly, but:

Do not share personal information such as phone numbers, address or your schedules or workplace location. Keep your distance.

2. Change your daily routines, bus route, coffee shop, mail and email addresses and passwords, phone number.

3. Under no circumstances should you try to talk to the stalker.

They are obsessed and will not be rational. It may even encourage them to up their level of activity. They do not respect you, your rights or your privacy.

Always be aware of your surroundings.

4. The most important thing is to tell people you trust: family members, co-workers, good friends.

If your stalker is one of these people, they will be on notice, and perhaps stop.

5. Possible stalkers are often ex-partners who do not take no for an answer.

They may be a co-worker, a neighbour down the street, a fellow student or a complete stranger.

6. If you are receiving anonymous calls or emails of a threatening nature try to save, record and forward them to your providers.

Never respond to the caller or email.
Phone companies, internet providers, etc., have ways of determining who is doing this. Report all instances to them

7. Go to your local station and report any suspicious activity.

Police departments take stalking threats very seriously.
They will open a file and advise you of the best precautions to take and the types of information you have that will be most helpful for them.
If you know who the stalker is, tell the police.

8. Do not blame yourself but do protect yourself.

If the stalker knows you have done the things listed above they may leave you alone. You are not easy prey

9. When you are out and about always try to be with trusted friends or family members.

Ask your friends to walk you to the door.
Avoid walking, jogging, or bike riding alone

1o. Keep doors and windows locked even when at home.

Do not answer the door until you are sure who is there.
If someone knocks on the door with a delivery call the delivery company to confirm before opening the door.


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