The Jekyll and Hyde of Ageing By Charly Boy


I don’t know how to start this piece. I find myself caught up in a daily struggle between my mind and my body. As we all know, Charles Oputa is ageing gracefully but CharlyBoy fails to realise that. There is this constant battle between my body and the youthful mind of CharlyBoy, na today? So am placing this matter before you the reader, to be the judge and jury to help me deliberate, on who should be allowed control. Is it my “Ageing”body or my “Youthful”mind.

Act 1 scene 1….. Most mornings, I struggle to get out of bed and it is usually not easy because CharlyBoy most nights keeps me up answering fan mails, tweeting or constantly on his iPad. Even before the break of dawn as early as 6am, CharlyBoy is wanting to go to the gym, to do his 5mile marathon walk because we all know how obsessed he is with his looks. For long I have tolerated this punishment only because I see the need for healthy living, but guys there is no way my body can remain as spontaneous as it did 10yrs ago or even 5yrs ago. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate all the compliments I get for my youthful looks, but I want to act my age because sometimes people have even called me “Agbaya” at other times people who are young enough to be my children relate to me like their age mate. Certainly, as an elderly person, I feel little pressure from society to act in a particular way. What Charlyboy don’t seem to understand is that my body response time has slowed down and I can no longer getup and go like he wants to any more. However, at 64 I know I look better than him at 30.

Act 2 scene 1…….I know that CharlyBoy’s youthful mind has brought us fame and money, but sorryooo. With the wear and tear of all the 7inch platforms I walked in for over 2decades my leg can no longer carry it. The repacusion of walking on those high heal shoes has left me suffering from sciatica. When I shaved off all my hair on my head, people appreciated it more than when I was wearing what looked like dread locks. Years of wearing heavy metal rings on all ten fingers has taken its toll, now my fingers are crying, by the way those rings together weigh 8lbs. I feel the need to tone down because I know my body can no longer carry it, Charlyboy on the other hand won’t hear that, won’t take that, can’t stand that. I am constantly reminded that it is because of his youthful exuberance and out of the box ideas that has put food on the table and has kept me relevant.

Act 3 scene 2 Most people who know me, know am a dedicated family man who have stayed married to the same woman for 38yrs. A lot have been confused with CharlyBoys flirtations, even the rumours of different relationships with women has dogged his image. Most women look at me today as a sex toy or sex symbol because of how he has carried on over the years. And quite frankly that is not the image I want, no thanks to Charlyboy. My wife and I have a strong emotional bound between us, but almighty Charlyboy wants to have sex all the time. I have tried to explain that after 38yrs of being together sex can never be the main issue. My body can’t even do the kinda stuffs he thinks about. My guys, I have been there, seen that and done that, so why can’t I take things easy and slow down because body no be wood and am no superman.

While some people grow older with grace and maintain a good physic, others age like a curse that has been put upon them. Charly always says that AGE is a state of mind but I know it’s a state of body.

Telling it like it is, I must say this. As Charles Oputa I know Ageing is a mandatory process but growing up has remained Optional for CharlyBoy. I also know that we don’t stop laughing because we grow old but we grow old because we stop laughing. How do I retain the youthfulness of this boy called Charlyboy who doesn’t realise that even though the mind maybe willing, the body can never be as willing. I submit that Charlyboy has embellished my ageing process with youthfulness. But there is time and season for everything. My guys weytin una think on top this matter?


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