If Rap Is Meatballs And Potato Fries Then Falz Is The Ketchup


If you say Falz is the hottest rapper at the moment in the most populous black nation Nigeria, then I totally agree with you. 🙌 It’s almost impossible to deny his dominance in the game in the past twelve months. This is guy started out as some sort of Instagram joke, now he has everyone paying attention to his comic patented style of flow. His signature style is his heavy Yoruba pidgin accent with a bit of indigenous flows. And it works for the law graduate.

His growth has been phenomenal and noticeable from his debut album “Wazup Guy”, to “Stories That Touch” popping singles and his latest collaborative EP (Chemistry) with music soul mate Simi. Falz has shown so much growth and expertise in the game, and the benefits so far are laudable. All along Falz has not lost his humour which is the hallmark of his rap prowess. He manages to craft beautiful comic bars that are totally relatable while inspiring a smirk from the listener. I won’t forget to mention they lyrics are quite sticky. There are always takeaway lines and new slangs.

Falz the bahd guy does not go to space to mine punchlines that will mystify his Nigerian listeners.  His verses are easily digestible  and are equally striking. He brews witty bars from general life happenstance, his narratives are vivid you just start smiling. ☺ You don’t need the IQ of Albert Einstein to decipher his bars, he spits everyday life in a way you understand it.

If rap in Nigeria is meatballs and potato fries then Falz is the ketchup, the spice. The rapper has so much sauce on him at the moment. It’s a thing of glee to know Falz who entered the as underrated has created a niche for himself and bossing it all. He has totally own his game he eventually become a subject for a Nigerian university student.  This year has been a great year for Falz, first for taking home a BET Award as “Best New Act”. #MTVMAMA 2016 nomination, 5 Headies Awards 2016 nominations including “Album of the Year” and “Best Rap Album”. This year Falz is sitting on highest echelon of the Nigerian music industry. 👏👏👏

Ello. Assist my laive. H'am begging you plix. #VoteFalz toe carry #Headies2016 Award!!! —> www.theheadies.com

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Falz has been able to take something very trivial and jocular and turned it to a gold mine for himself and at the same time inspiring others.

Here is the lyrics to his verse on Ajebutter 22 “Bad Gang”.

Falz the bad guy in the building You’re now dating man that is way older. And for this you’re thinking you can raise shoulder. That your high heel didn’t make you a queen diva. In the runs girl club you’re the ring leader. Oti nseshe kushe i can see such things. And when you’re talking i passive hot drinks. You’re not only watching, you’re doing blue film. All your skin multicolour if you didn’t use cream. You’re doing pedicure oti loshe jerry curl. Oti lose body count at the age of 24 You’re going aso rock lai se omo senator. Oti yawo, ika kan o’wodi any more. I wan’t to help you but it is more difficult. I try to put effort but i did not see result. Child of the world, you’re spoil to the core. You’ve joined bad gan, you’ve joined secret cult.


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