Naija Love (Episode 5): The Taste Of Violence


Blood was everywhere, on my face, hands, cloths, the metallic taste of blood was in my mouth.
When I looked up again, a small crowd had gathered. It was like the club emptied itself unto its interlocked driveway. Someone pushed the car door open, it was Funmi. She gasped and launched into Yoruba

“ Oluwa mi ooooh, Jesu mi ooh. Won ti pa eeeehh! Cassandra what happened here? What happened to Muna?”

I was still speechless, I could only gesture at the blood. She hugged me tightly as a guy behind her in stripped shirt squeezed through and carried Muna from my arms unto the ground beside the car. He immediately applied pressure on the wound that was still gushing blood.
Suddenly there was activity everywhere, someone covered my heaving shoulder with a jacket. I could actually taste my panic, I found my voice which had become shrill.

“I don’t know the Nigerian emergency number, please someone call the paramedics and ambulance.”

A lanky guy standing by my side snorted as he said.

“No be only paramedics and ambulance, who be this babe sef? Na American film we dey act? Call 911 join, abi na Nerma una wan call? Mtchewwww.”

I swear I lost it. Why are there heartless haters everywhere? I rushed him physically like a chronic bipolar patient and would have plucked his stinking tongue or at least scratched his eyes out but Funmi held me, my heart was heaving with sobs. Everything was happening so fast.
The guy who carried Muna from me beckoned on me, I rushed to his side desperately and he said.

“My name is Edidiong and I am a doctor with National Hospital, your husband has lose a lot of blood but fortunately the bullet was lodged close to the surface. We need to take him urgently to the hospital, you need to keep a level head now.”

I silently thanked God for this good Samaritan, Funmi was visibly shaken as she screamed into the phone, obviously talking to Mum. I was trying desperately to get a grip on my emotions. I looked around for my phone, it was gone. Jeez!!! Who would dare steal from a crime scene? I scanned a few faces, as hatred surged through me. One of these people shot Muna.

I watched as they lifted him into Edidiong’s car, someone tapped my shoulder, I turned around it was Mum. I rushed into her arms and let my tears flow freely, she held me tight and rubbed my back. Just then I heard the car back out of the driveway, everything was happening so fast. I should have been in that car with him. That was when I saw her, Mirabel was seated at the back seat of Edidiong’s car cradling Muna’s head in her lap.

Why was this world so unfair? I swear I lost it the second time that day. I chased after the car like a mad woman, I saw the witch turn with a look of triumph in her eyes. She glared at me and then bent to kiss Muna’s blood stained forehead.

Mum and Funmi grabbed me, they obviously thought I was just being jealous, my voice was cracked as I yelled.

“She is with him.”

Mum shook her head as she said.

“This is no time to be jealous Cassandra, the woman was with him before he met you.”

I thought I would die from heart break, I screeched.

“Not that, Mum she shot him.”

A look of horror passed through Mum’s face, she pushed me into her Car, Funmi tumbled into hers as we sped towards National hospital. Mum was swearing at the top of her voice.

“Useless woman, stupid asewo. What did she want? That small boy to marry her? Abasi amia enye ufen do. I will feed her guts to the dogs.
We backed into the hospital like lunatics and headed towards the emergency unit, a small crowd had also gathered. We could see Mirabel, busy all over the place, talking to the nurses. Mum stomped right up to her and slapped her four times on both cheeks, she lost her balance and…

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  1. Wow! U can write..spellbinding read full of suspense,twists and drama,the total package for excellent…two thumbs up!


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