Mayorkun Couldn’t Top His Own Sh*t On ‘Sade’


Just about a year now the fortune of a certain boy changed overnight when he received a call from Davido. That was Mayorkun, Destiny came calling, and like everyone else would do, he heed the call. In about a year Mayorkun can say ‘I’m young and getting it’.

Somehow Mayorkun got to release his first single ‘Eleko’ under DMW. ‘Eleko’ was released precisely in April 2016 to critical acclaim. Yes, everyone saw Mayorkun as the next big thing, and so far he has picked up a few awards here and there to that account.

Apparently the ‘Eleko’ crooner is giving off signs he is a one hit wonder. ‘Sade’ reaffirms this assertion.

Mayorkun until now has not released a single this year. Prior to the release of ‘Sade’ social media has played John the Baptist urging us to expect a smash hit in ‘Sade’.


Sade is here and it’s a typical case of a rip off, and completely bastardized song. WTH!

To start off the scrutiny, a first listen to Mayorkun’s Sade gets you rolling your eyes. Your brain tells you there is something familiar about this song in a very distasteful way. It doesn’t take long before your brain recalls ‘Eleko’ and Kiss Daniel’s Woju.

It is with much disdain that you wonder who produced the track and Lo and behold it’s the maestro Masterkraft.  The percussion on Sade are akin to Mayorkun’s ‘Eleko’ and ‘Woju’. I’m wondering if Masterkraft production was a pro Bono. Was Masterkraft not in the mode to work and he was coerced coaxed to do just anything? Whatever was the scenario that played out, this plagiarized production is a dent on his reputation.

On the flip side here is Mayorkun singing like a type of Kiss Daniel. I could hear the ghost of Kiss Daniel hovering over Mayorkun’s vocal.  At some point I must have sang Woju while listening to the song. At another point, I felt Mayorkun should have named this song ‘Eleko Part 2’.

Mayorkun has failed to to outdo himself. Mayorkun couldn’t top his own sh*t on ‘Sade’.

I think Mayorkun still has a lot to prove about his music artistry. He definitely has not found his own unique sound.



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