Lest We Immortalize Nuisance…The “Goldie” Situation By Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri



About ten years ago I lost a friend in an armed robbery incident. Obviously the armed robbers were not satisfied with robbing they needed to make a point by harming someone in the house and my friend’s mother was their target. As they swung the axe my friend who was the scholar of our class in secondary school protected his mother with his head….he died; no national award, no postmortem speech from the Governor and of course no celebrity burial; he was just another guy, the fact that he took a battle axe to his head for his mother was irrelevant

This and many more of it happens in a country wherein people get millions both in local and foreign currency for playing football; a country wherein comedians shake hands with the President and women who kiss strange men on camera in the name of acting take home National Award and an immoral youth who made fame singing about his private part is given special opportunity to interview the President in a desperate campaign strategy because the thinking is that the community is populated by zombies and bimbos who will vote in a PHD holder on the “honour” of a nuisance whose only relevance to society, apart from lewd music, is competition in air and space. Thus the question every sane Nigerian should be asking is when will this madness of underserved honour stop?

The death of the musician from Ekiti, Goldie Harvey, and the attempt to make it seem like we lost an icon is another and perhaps the worst of all these madness. I do not believe that death, which we will all face, should make you a hero except you died an honourable death. When people just drop dead we grieve and console the family not tell blatant lies as to who they were. This is why the statement of the Ekiti State Governor is worrisome. Mr. Kayode Fayemi is reported to have described Goldie as a “great daughter of Ekiti State” and one has to wonder upon what was this greatness achieved? Are people now great for singing meaningless songs with promiscuous suggestions or for taking and publishing suggestive photos of themselves?

Since when did we consider it greatness to appeal to the sexual cravings of perverts and run after men on camera in the name of a reality show that is far from reality? Since when did it become great achievement that a lady is even thought of as being a junkie in her life time? How can this be great?

In the past fathers will tell their children “don’t bring shame to this family” but nowadays shame and shamelessness is celebrated with such noise that you think the Devil himself is in charge of people’s life and even he has gone crazy.

Ironically, around the same period this unfortunate death occurred Governor Theodora Orji of Abia State was commending Mrs. Nwanyieze Prosper for winning the Purity Queen title for a lady who kept her virginity until her marriage; surprisingly some Nigerians criticized the Governor and even ‘accused’ him of giving her a car whereas Governor Kayode Fayemi was praised for describing Goldie as a “bright star” among other accolades including that she lived a “fulfilled life”. Indeed the world is upside down.

The problem with giving honour to people who did dishonourable acts is that people will definitely emulate them. The Dolly Parton’s of this world made it a fashion for women to expose their cleavage; years on women have lost their husbands to such exposure and homes have collapsed; the Dr. Dre’s of this world made being “gangster” a fashionable thing and years later the gangsters are increasing and we even have a gangster in the White House killing innocent people with Drones….Martin Luther’s dreams became a Nightmare. And this list goes on and on; for every irresponsible person you honour you make irresponsibility the “swag”, the same way for every man who dies for his mother you honour you make standing up against oppression and protecting the weak the in-thing….make your choice.

Lastly, we must clarify two issues. The first one is with regards to speaking “evil” about the dead while the second one is the “who are you to Judge” comedy.

Firstly, the dead has already met what he or she put forward hence there is no need to speak of its evil. What there is need to do however is to either call the living to an example to live by if the dead is worthy of emulation or to warn the living to stay away from a wasteful lifestyle like that of the dead who lived life as if death was never going to come and this is the real lesson here; life is short, if you live it like Goldie your death may come and meet you in that state; what will you tell your Creator? We cannot pretend this is not the lesson here; it will be one lie too many

Secondly, they ask us not to Judge and we say to them since we are in the spirit of not judging kindly don’t judge the location of your mouth so that you put your food in your nose. We say to them that in this spirit of not judging please cross the road without judging that a vehicle is close enough to knock you down; maybe when you are in the air you will realise your stupidity.

We do not Judge a person who has Faith that he or she will be in the hellfire, we do not Judge that the person’s bad is more than his/her good, we do not Judge if God will forgive a believer…..but we Judge that fornication and the promotion of it is EVIL, and that the one who represented evil dead does not make evil good.

Some others will say an adult can do what he or she likes and you don’t have to force your life on others. The question we have for this set of confused mentally colonized perverts is that this same justification is given to homosexuality and it will soon be given to incest so that if a grown up man and his grown up daughter say they fell in love and want to marry your kind will say well it’s their life, it does not affect me….can you see now that you are sick?

Conclusively, the lessons from this unfortunate incident can be summarized as thus;

1)     Death can come at any time; be prepared to meet your Lord.

2)     Fame and fortunes are but illusions, what matters is your relationship with your Creator.

3)     The enjoyment of this world is fleeting; don’t let it deceive you.

4)     Live a good life; one that does not involve promoting lewdness or any type of evil; death and Judgment is real and it is no respecter of status.

5)     It was the honour given her musical mentors that led the lady to not just music but a meaningless form upon which her life ended so let’s ensure that we do not turn scum into icons because people will sure emulate them.
May God Almighty give the family fortitude to bear the lost and guide them aright.

Eseoghene Al-Faruq Ohwojeheri
Benin City

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  1. What can we say about honour and dishonour? It is our attitude! Moral vs illmoral!thanks for your sermon jare.

  2. True word. People who are dishonorable in all ramifications of life are celebrated as heroes and honorable people.

  3. Its not like bad tin is gud o..but I hate wen pple be acting like dem no dey bad fin… Musicians work hard to get heard,spend a lot of money to be seen and u xpect dem to be forgotten when they die??? Haba!! Dis is earth and not heaven.. I neva met Goldie but I watched her on BBA and she was a nice person.. May her gentle soul rest in peace..

  4. There is a place for everything, this article DOES NOT belong here on jaguda.com . The thoughts of someone who will only be too glad if D’banj, 2face or Genevieve Nnaji and any one of Nigeria’s celebrities drop dead are not welcome and have no place on a website which celebrates these same people. As far as he is concerned, they are a “nuisance to society”, “meaningless forms” and just “scum” to mention a few of the pejorative and derogatory words he used to describe them. I reserve my comments about the man’s opinions but I am disenchanted that jaguda.com would post such an article, completely unexpected. It belongs to Sahara Reporters and any other website dedicated to the presentation of news. The scornful disclaimer put at the bottom of the post even makes the whole thing more annoying.

  5. This is a valid but bitter truth. We are all carried away with worldly things forgetting eternity which is the most important.Fame & riches are vanity upon vanity,let us give our selves brain & respect larger part of God’s commandments.We all know what it takes to being honourable,

  6. Whoever wrote this piece is so heart broken.first the person you are angry about worked hard to get to where she wanted to be.
    You are just bitter,just say so,something happened to you does not mean you should blast the late goldie,blast d banj,blast the white house president blast the naija president.
    Just work hard to get to a celebrity status so that people will know you asap.
    Or rather be a president so that people can reckon with you/ interview you.
    Pls stop being bitter and miserable

  7. Dis article soundz lyk dat from a fustrated poor man…let’s celebrate who needsd to be celebrated jo…se na beanz she take reach where she dey???…defintely she paid a price so let her take d accolade due to her…if u dey vex GO GET FAME 2…so dat den go hear ur voice

  8. Nice one and I really appreciate this pieces as a good and lovely type ….more power to your elbow but we ppl should remeber that things that we see today are just for little time but the invisible things are eternal

  9. i personally knew Goldie and i will state some facts. She had a troubled childhood, left home to fend for herself, became a prostitute and ended up marrying one of her clients. She was fetish to the core and was also a very notorious lesbian ( she came on to me personally). she never lived or schooled abroad and all the stories she told about her personal life were lies. why else do you think people feel the need to correct the wrong perception that she was what she wasnt? i personally feel disgusted when i read what some people who hardly knew anything about her glorify her supposed accomplishments. She wasnt what she pretended to be, that was quite obvious watching her in the big brother house. so yes i agree with this article a hundred percent. The Emperor is naked. open your eyes and dont follow the hype.

  10. Sincerely dis unfair…Mr man u jst sinned by judgin…sins ar equal no matter hw high or low dey ar…if u ar witout sin den ur write up is perfect….u shudnt av mentioned names on dis write up dat wud av made it d best sermon of d year thus far….bt pointin accusing fingers n sayin such rash words againgst d dead..fresh 1 of dat matter is inhuman n unriteous…mayb she mite av lived a badt lif u ar nt in any position 2 judge dat…wil it surprise u if u die n found out Goldie is in heaven..whr u dere b4 she gav up d ghost….do u knw her last payers…God is nt Man nt 4gve us no matter hw high our sins ar wen we ask 4gvenex…so ur wrung 4 all d rubbish u spoke abot d dead….ur write is gud xcept 4 dos direct condemnations 2 Goldie n Gov of Ekiti state..futballers n musicians etc…am nt impreess…dis sermon is false(irasy)

  11. Dis girl worked hard to be what she is today! Let’s give her credit for that…. I understand ur point but then she s a nice girl. I watched her on bba n felt sad about her death!u don’t need d world to remember u for ur gud deeds on earth as far as u r in d memory of ur luved ones.ur friend that was brutally killed by armed robbers would be lovingly remembered in d heart of his loved ones. We should give honour to whom honour is due. Goldie is a talented artist. She should be honoured. am really uncomfortable with d heading u gave to this writeup.Although its a lovely piece. Pls dnt criticise d late singer. U r only instilling more pain for her loved ones.

  12. @wuraola…
    I am nt an advocate of lesbianism. Neither am I for prostitution! U said it urself!goldie had a troubled childhood. Smtin must have led her into all of that. fetish to d core?do u have proof of that??? For God s sake let d lady rest in peace. U all r beginning to sound self righteous!argggh

  13. @ tai,

    There is a saying that goes “he who tells the truth is never wrong” ; regardless of the time, incident, or context, the TRUTH is never WRONG. I only spoke what i know to be true but you chose to interprete is as selfrighteousness which is in itself YOU being selfrighteous and in fact, me pointing that out IS ALSO selfrighteousnes so lets not even start on selfrighteousness cause we are all guilty of it and will always be, it is how we are made.

    Back to Goldie. I know she was fetish to the core because she told me so. Of course her intention was to ‘convert’ me but that was not to be and that was the origin of her “bullying”. That, as well as the fact that she came on to me but i did not respond favourably. From my experience with her which i cannot get into here, i cant possibly have a good thing to say about her even if i were paid. This is some1 who used to treathen “i will kill you” in front of people at someone(me) who”se crime according to her, was back bitting, someone who would actually go to her car to bring out “fighting clothes” which she would change into as well as rings which she would wear just to beat up someone who allegedly spoke about you (which of course was not true, she was just paranoid that i would leak her secret). i wasnt surprised at all to hear that some people were rejoicing over her death, i totally understood that they must have have close similar encounters with her and that must be the origin of their grudges even though its obviously wrong that they should gloat. I personally felt no iota of sadness neither did i rejoice at her death, it has only made me more introspective and fortified my belief that men do reap what they sow. To be more candid, i committed a very ugly sin recently and i know that God WILL punish me, i just pray for the grace to bear my punnishment well so that i can get on with life in the direction that God is leading me.

    So in conclusion, whatever anyone says or does not say can in no way affect her resting in peace or not. Truth always comes out, the timing is really of no consequence. It IS what it IS.

  14. This post makes no sense! If its easy why don’t you go carve a name for yourself instead of making derogatory statements about our celebs. They have worked hard to earn whatever accolade we shower on them. Go make a name for yourself and stop using them as a “footstool” to gain limelight.

  15. WURAOLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhhhhhhhhhhhaannnnnnnnnn….Na wah for u oooooooooo…reveal ur identity if your sure of this…u just dey join hearsay together as facts here..LIAR! Go Fcuk urself!!!! Alatenuje oshi…


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