The Jig Is Up 9ice, Drop The Mic and Retire !


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9ice is considered as one of the best Nigerian indigenous artiste of our Generation without a doubt. He’s given us solid albums, but the quality of his recent music has giving fans and pundits these days cause for great concern. “Me Thinks it’s high time he dropped the mic”

*playing Certificate (the album) while I rant*

I mean, is there any one who doesn’t know that album? I’ll shoot for about 50 percent of his fans do, and for those who don’t know the album; it’s his first album which didn’t give him what he asked for “Fame”. But, I guess it was the album a lot of people knew about and forgot.

“Gongo-Aso” the single/album is the one that stole so many hearts, and became a Nigerian National Anthem for three solid years i believe and till date it can be considered as a classic without a doubt.

That was about five years ago when 9ice was very nice humble, and not that cocky. His music was loved by pretty much everyone. He’s had 5 Solid albums, and not so many nigerian aristes have given us that . I’d give that to him but his music has become utterly wack as of late.

Certificate –

Gongo Aso –

Tradition –

Bashorun Gaa –

Versus –

This is where he stopped making good music. A lot of critics have argued that his marriage affected his music greatly but “Met hinks Adigun is the Problem.” I mean, some critics will still disagree that the last two albums were below par, but technically 9ice stopped making the music we wanted to hear after Tradition.

What happened to 9ice ? “He’s wack now” I read, every time an angry fan starts ranting, and sometimes when you say the truth you are considered as a Hater. (Nigerian mentality). As far as I’m concerned 9ice is a Legend to me. He’s given me 5 solid albums i can play over and over again and i won’t get tired.

So What Happened to 9ice ? “Ohun Adigun Ti Ha

MaritaL problems? No ! Fela Married 27 wives and made good music while at it , so I don’t think that was never the problem.

I think dropping two albums at the same time creates “Shit” Music. I understand sometimes an artiste will leave their comfort zone and try to be unique, but not dropping two albums at the same time. We only ask for 1 Album adigun!

That’s one Problem. We know you are Good, we love your music. No need for a double album, you are gradually de-ranking your name.

Another Problem; Nigerians Artistes and humility. That word is so foreign to them. Once they start making money, it’s “I need a new team.” That’s the first thing they think about. I can see it happening in the nigerian Music industry today. Word to D’banj in that category, wizkid who might be a new recruit in that category soon. No matter how good you make music, once you let your fame take over you, it’s the beginning of the end. I don’t care how good your music is. You going down some way or the other. Without the Fans there is no You! (Word to every Cocky Nigerian artiste)

It’s really sad.


The veteran Producer who pretty much is responsible for 9ice’s fame besides God. He produced his first album and the sophomore album we consider as one of the best albums we have in our generation.

I don’t know where and how they met but they both came from the streets of Bariga and their chemistry was awesome. It was like D’banj and Don jazzy making endless music.

What happened between both artistes, we don’t know till date. But ID Cabasa’s absence in 9ice music is the main reason why his songs are now “Shit” The Jay 17’s Production on Life Drama came close to the “Old” 9ice but the production was weak, u can feel that 9ice music from 5 years ago but…….

Getting Back Together ?

That would be great. Good music might be made but at this rate i think it won’t happen. 9ice has gotten to the stage where the mic needs to be kept in the box and let’s enjoy his old music. Critics have argued that 9ice won’t survive being an A-List artiste in the next 5 years. “Baba Na to Retire Remain”

Artistes/Blogger Relationship

Nigerian Artistes get comfortable after getting that fame, forgetting that after God it’s the bloggers who made them. After dropping Aje & Seven, two shitty tracks of the recently released albums “CNN”, the Gongo aso crooner made it clear to the public that bloggers are now to be paying his music to post his songs.

I mean “Where they do that at ?”

Bloggers, artistes we all need each other. Blogging your song is a way showing appreciation to your music, so you don’t let arrogance come over you and think you are god.

“Even Jay Z no dey Para Like this, wetin”

This is Why the Nigerian Industry will never be great. Too much arrogance. Humility is not a word associated with some and, only a few pose to be humble. I was irritated when he stated bloggers should pay for his songs, but i waited for his album(s) to drop before i commented about it.

He even made a video. Imagine . You can take them out of bariga but you can’t take the Bariga character out of them

Watch the Video Below:

9ice wouldn’t dare to say this 5 years ago, but he got too comfortable to the extent of making “Wack Music.” His Album dropped few days ago, and the circulation was very slow, wasn’t even on itunes or , for an A-List nigerian artiste. I had a Feeling it was shit anyways so i just waited for it.

At first listen, I literally thought I downloaded a wrong album, and i wanted to cry. How did 9ice get to this Point? The Man that gave us numerous hit singles now mumbles with his croaked voice.

“You don’t come up with this ‘Don’t play my music’ Fiasco and end up recording this trash”. – Gidilounge CEO tweeted after listening.

You don’t expect we bloggers to pay and post your wack music sir. That won’t happen.

Review on CNN & GRA

Both albums are below-par. I won’t call it completely “trash” because there are some songs that will take a pass, but this is the most annoying album since Dr Sid’s Siduction.

Dear 9ice, It’s high time you retired. Let us enjoy the old music, stop breaking our hearts with shitty music. Forever a fan, but the Jig is Up Sir keep the mic. Thank you for the music, we will remember you for that.




  1. Rubbish… Mehn you guyz should listen to Bashorun gaa again… 9ice is still ok and still bringing good music…. Think deeply before publishing a post…. After 2face__we have 9ice in Nigeria

  2. I’ll jus go straight to the point. Music is a matter of opinion and facts and before u start speaking you should always make it clear that is your opinion.

    – Number one problem we all have is always tryna compare previous albums with current albums if u like Certificate better than gongo aso please go and listen to it 9ice does not need to recreate those albums again.

    – it’s actually impossible for an album to be released on Tuesday and by Thursday you have finished listening to it even to the point that you call it wack, oga e rora.
    why do we Nigerians always talk about people’s personal life I don’t care whether he has 50 wives or 100 girlfriends it’s none of my business all dat should concern u is his music we all ave our personal lives and stuff we deal with.

    -one part I agree with u is the issue of releasing double albums, am not in support of dat but so far d albums have been good May be not great. When you call 9ice wack I wonder who the good artiste are -wizkid, davido, jaywon etc pls don’t make me laugh. I listen to everyone and I mean every nigerian artiste , they are all very good when it comes to making singles but none of them can make a sensible album may be wizkid but he only has one album to date. We can sit down and analyse every single album dat has been released in the past few years in naija.

    – as a fan or listener u should know what to expect from each artiste wen u listen to 9ice all I wan hear is lyrics dats it nuthin else. Not everyone jus wants to listen to high tempo tracks with loud beats and no content some of us jus wan listen to meaningful words and learn from dem. Jesse jagz last album was by far the best album of 2013 but because we live in a world of noise music now no1 gave that album it’s due recognition.

    Also how can u say Aje is a shitty track , common that’s a very stupid statement not every song has to be noise if u listen and understand the content of that song u will realise u deserve a slap. If u don’t understand a song don’t call it trash. Immediately u said that I realised u don’t even know what music is so I won’t even argue much with u wen u say the new albums are wack.

    Also because u ave a blog does not mean u understand music cos u actually don’t and next time keep dis ur long essay or review or statement or wateva u wan call it 2 urself or keep it in ur diary.

    U also said life drama was produced by j17 – pls find ur facts rite,it was produced by prodo –

    Main problem- the main problem with 9ice u didn’t even touch was the issue of promoting songs and shooting quality videos. Also the timing of songs and videos for example shakashiki video was shot 3 or 4yrs after the song was released

    Another issue – artiste/blogger relationship

    The way he went about it was wrong and I don’t like it as well so on that front I agree with u

    Finally , pls mention any naija artiste that has 5 good albums from this generation and let’s talk am guessin none apart from 9ice.

  3. You have a point you made in the article. The quality levels in 9ice’s music are very unstable. What I don’t agree with you, however, is complaining about 9ice not wanting bloggers to upload his songs. If you bother to listen to what he’s saying in the video you uploaded, or in this one here:
    9ice actually has a point. Now, uploading a song is one thing, but giving it out for free download requires permission from the artist. I think many of you have become so used to the idea of free music that you forget how much time is invested into quality music. No wonder the Nigerian music industry lacks quality in so many ways when it is hardly possible to earn anything off a song.
    If you would put out the music of Beyoncé or Kanye West for free download, you would be committing a crime. So why should we hurt our indigenous artistes by doing so?
    Who knows, maybe the quality of 9ice’s music is dropping because he’s not making enough money and trying to dish out more songs to make more?
    But, on the other hand, 9ice seems not to have communicated properly to the bloggers out there. You can upload his songs and promote them, just don’t give them away for free. Simple!
    I’m out.

  4. Nice or not what I want to know is why are you people deleting peoples comments? You dont like to hear the truth? This write-up is pure rubbish. It makes no sense and sounds like the writer has personal beef with nice. Like Olatoks said, the writer is very clueless as to what good music is. Just because you have access to a blog does not mean you know what you are talking about. This write-up is an EPIC FAIL. if you like delete my comment too.

  5. I am prehaps 9ice number 1 fan and I actually use his name as my BlackBerry display name. I personally don’t think the author know anything about music because if he does half of what was written about bashorun music he wouldn’t. Adigun still produces GOOD music but sonically the production was not at par like gongo aso( that was the most balanced adigun album to date).The mixing of his albums to be fair after Gongo Aso has been all over the place but in terms of content, 9ice is still the man to beat, no other artiste in his generation can boast of 5 albums deep and is still standing, I mean albums not singles. Nigeria music and music listeners are lazy and unfortunately for new naija music it’s is all ‘noise’ music and nothing more.
    Adigun’s music is acquired taste and grows on you over time.
    I am not too sure which albums the writer listened to but on GAA and Versus I could count 15 good tracks off both albums, even Aje, Seven and life drama were good single might not be ‘club bangers but good music
    Finally, when u talk about music last year 2 good music albums were Jesse Jagz Jag nation and brymo MDS. All other were most party singles
    Adigun will stand the test of time
    My humble opinion

  6. naija mentality is truly wen they call u hate. bahh the oyinbo mentality in u doesnt listen to good sound and lyrics do u? as for the dbanj case u mentioned. that guy has given us a very matured beat with classy sound. listen to dem songs again and again please

  7. Normally i dont comment on blogs but i am pained to comment.It is obvious that you have a personal vandetta against 9ice.Maybe becausehe said that you should not upload his songs.Truth is 9ice happens to be the shinning light in Nigerian music apart from tuface.When we talk of music we are not talking of noise rather we are talking of content.I am sure that you have not listened to CNN and Gra in all honesty.
    Secondly you dare call Aje shitty?seems you know next to nothing about music.
    Abeg oga blogger 9ice will not drop the mic.We love his type of music.You can listen to your Davido,Timaya and Iyanya.

  8. You see you dont really know what it takes 2 make album. If one of your family sings may be probably you know. When you bloggers came into existence gaaaan???. Am very sure you are the d pangolo type beat kind of person. Pangolo beatz as taken we nigerians mentality, d wey we reason about music. When jazze jags started his music, he dint start d way he’s handling his music you guys appreciate him den cz he did some kind of pangolo, nw dat he’s now a rasterferian making good and quality songs,he doesnt know hw 2 sing. Best album last year was jags nation”for me” buh we nigerians we wont apprecite good music. You even said AJE IS WACK.GOD, you are stupid ooo See whatever you called your name i dont care. Go to hell if 9ice music don tire you. Idiot fellow

  9. on your own site and write-up people are calling you out. Shame on the writer. I wanted to see if you will delete my comment like you did the rest that disagreed with you. 99% of your readers disagree with you. Maybe its time you drop your laptop and quit blogging. Like stallon said, stick to the noise you call music and leave 9ice for those who appreciate his music. it is not by force. you claim to be a fan yet you are so desperate to bring him down. may your words and wishes for 9ice manifest in your life 10 folds. Keep your personal beef to yourself, because he said dont upload his music you now think it is right to bring him down? God will judge you and serve you your just reward.

  10. @adebimpe i dont mind knowing you, cz i love your comment you hv pasted based on the post, may b you can add me as your friend on facebook. Dis ma account AYINDE TUBLACK IBRAHIM O’SHEA. Or you give me yours thnks. “Fuck JAGUDA’S,GBEWIRI’S”

  11. I actually just downloaded the CNN album and I must say the album is no where close to be as bad as the writer is claiming here. Now the album doesn’t have any ready made single for the clubs but it definitely has some solid cuts, this is probably not an album that would appeal to the casual fan. Now I think 9ice should have just had one album and called one a “bonus” album but hey the guy hasn’t released an album in a few.

  12. Mehn,dis writer should jst stop blogging as pple has advised him…av listen 2 both albums well nd dey make sense wit gud messages,9ice said it all in “ARA YIN” truly,CNN deserve its title.GOD bless u 9ice.

  13. ItsjustAyo really disappointed me with this write-up. Although, many Nigerians do see trash as good music because that is why someone like ItsjustAyo called 9ice songs wack. Anyway, 9ice is still good artiste. It would have been better if you advice him on timing of video for his songs. And he should stop releasing double albums. 9ice is still the king of proverbial lyrics.

  14. I just listened to the CNN album on a flight through my headphones and I must say the album is one that will stand the test of time. The guy who wrote this review definitely did not review the album objectively, The Album is beyond average. (ice needs to hire a PR team ASAP before bloggers such as this taint his career.

    I think 9ice sang that for people like you, FOOL!!! BOKU LOKU, ADIGUN NO GO RUMBLE, BOKU LOKU, IWO LO MA FUMBLE.
    Hey fish, you’re not a fan and will never be a fan.

  16. Stupid write up,stupid blogger ,for ur information am listening to GRA presently nd for u to call such an album dat has tracks like daily bread,boluwatie,omoluabi,somboru,yorubawa,aiyedun,oke odo,new money etc as wack den. U’re notin dan a unproffessional fool who is used to noise
    Very inspiring tracks,dope album to d core”dats wat GRA by 9ice is…kip ur beef wit 9ice to urself mr jaguda or consult him abt it so u guys can settle it,stop tryin to taint his career so u too can also mak an headway in life..PEACEOUT

  17. I couldn’t even read all of this article because from the first two sentences, the writer had shown a great deal of ignorance and his command of written English is very poor. 9ice is a great artist. You must understand that even great artists can make works that can be perceived as bad, but it does not change the fact that he is great at it. Talking about his producer, 9ice did not only work with Cabasa, check the albums again. An artist doesn’t need to stick to one producer. In D’banj and Don Jazzy’s case; D’banj said it in one of his interviews that he was never a part of his music production until he broke up with Don Jazzy… Google the rest. 9ice has worked with TeeY Mix, Sosick, amongst other producers lately, and the outcome of the songs like “Shakashiki”, “Everyday” “Bujebudanu”, “Beautiful” etc. these songs are classics. Get your facts right, read your piece before you post it. Peace.

  18. Comment: to me 9ice Adigun Alapomeji is a great artist,cuz 9ice music giv me inspiration also he is my mentor.. forget that shit,Adigun lo ba won


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