Why Don’t Big Nigerian Record Labels Like YBNL, EME, Star Boy etc, Have Valid Websites?

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After all is said and done, more is said than done. While we are still clamoring for a well-structured music industry, some big record labels are not even well structured. The point here is simply narrowed down to the fact that supposed big Nigerian record labels do not own a valid website.

We are in the 21st century and much of our communication is done digitally. For good PR sake why won’t a record label own a common place internet real estate as a website?

Before this article was written, I casually googled for YBNL’s website to read more about Adekunle Gold’s forth coming album. I was amazed all I could find was a Wikipedia Page and some Nigerian entertainment websites who had some content on the record label.  On opening the wiki page for YBNL, the web address contained on the page www.ybnlmovement.com, was invalid. Please you can check the link to verify my claim.

In my utter surprise, I asked myself after so much buzz and controversies YBNL does not have a valid web address? What a shame! The closest functional web address that could be easily affiliated to the record label is http://ybnlofficial.blogspot.com.ng last updated in 2014. It lacked the quality of a good record label website. In my little curiosity I thought to myself there are many more Nigerian record labels with this very repugnant slipshod PR blunder.

Interestingly, my guess was just on point, as record labels like famous EME, Star Boy, Square Records, Effizy Entertainment, Edge/LRR Records, TripleMG, Five Star Music  to say the least currently can’t brag of a valid web address. The only exist with the CAC and on paper can you imagine? This goes to show the blatant lapses observed in our music industry. In the case, of Psquare the web address http://mypsquare.com meets a response this account has been suspended. This maybe as a result of negligence caused by the bad blood between the twin singing duo Peter and Paul Okoye.

There is no doubt that the aforementioned Nigerian record labels have been doing quite well without having a functional website. But it pertinent for these labels to own an internet real estate, a functional website. The need for a record label to own an official website is unquestionable. Well for starters, Press releases can be made from the official website. Announcement for upcoming events, music streaming, profiling of resident artistes on the label.

While making a comparison with international record labels/ managements which one may opine as being unfair, there could be a lot to learn. G.O.O.D Music, Cash Money Records, Roc Nation, Sony Music etc., all have valid web address where fans and clients alike can contact them to register complains and well wishes.   Owning a website becomes as easy as it gets these days.  So why shouldn’t a serious minded music label with all the monies accrued to them not have a good and functional website? It is simply unpardonable and should not be overlooked.


On the flipside some record labels should be commended as they understand that music business is serious business and there is no room for laxity. Those to be commended are; Chocolate city, Mavin Records, G Worldwide, Tinny Entertainment, HKN. These ones have fully functional and beautifully designed websites. Fans around the world can access them online to get updates, stream music, look up upcoming events and familiarise with artistes on the label etc.

YBNL, EME, Star Boy, Square Records, Effizy Entertainment, Edge/LRR Records, TripleMG, Five Star Music please stop using Instagram and other social media platforms alone to make Press releases or notification of upcoming events to fans and the world at large. As much as the media is always being blamed for carrying wrong headlines, owning a website can put authenticity to rumours. Grow Up guys!



  1. You are absolutely right. In this part of the world, people hardly take things like website serious. All that matters is ‘make the money enter sharp sharp’ and not ‘brand identity’

    In other news, we can help you build a website. Just holla.


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