“I Was 5 When I Fell In Love With Music,” Ruby Talks With Jaguda.com About Her Journey In Music & What Her Future Brings


Born Ngohide RubyAnn Gyang popularly known as Ruby, from Tiv land of Benue State, She has taken the music industry by storm with just 2 official singles to her name. Her soulful, rich and memorable voice leaves a lasting impression anytime you hear it, and further more she’s gained a huge following the traditional route which is via live performances.

Ruby is signed to Loopy records and has blessed us with two beautiful singles “Okay” and her latest single “Down”. Adaoha of Jaguda.com catches up with the lady of soul to get to know her more and what to expect next from this talented lady.

Q: What drove you to music? How did it all start?

A: I was 4/5 years when I fell in love with music. I grew up in a musical family. My mom and her brothers are singers. Waxed albums,performed in church. So i grew up singing in church, same with my siblings who can all sing. My church had a great sunday school program. We would sing,dance,act. It fed my love for music n performance. I knew then that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

Q: You have two lovely singles, “Okay” and “Down”. What was the inspiration behind these songs?

A: “Okay” was inspired by past relationship experiences. Its about me breaking up and moving on. Because at the end of the day,no matter how bad a break up is,life still goes on and you’ll be fine.

“Down” came about from me listening to a lot of urban house music. The song was actually inspired by 3 songs: lengoma by DJ Sbu; Still by Liquid deep; Heavenly Sent by MiCasa. I’d heard the songs and fell in love with them. I was gonna call MI (we work on my music together) and tell him to make me a song similar to those songs but he called me to the studio,told me that he had an idea for the song then played me those exact 3 songs. I was like “Its destiny”

Q: I see that you have been doing a lot of performances, and you do very well on stage. How do you prepare?

A: Thank you. Rehearse Rehearse Rehearse. Also prayers


Q: So what next for Ruby?

A: The video for “Down” in July. Another single soon after. Collabos. An Ep. Performances.

Q: Apart from music, what makes you Ruby Gyang?

A: I’m a mom,sister,daughter,friend. I’m a lover of God. A seeker of knowledge.

Q: You always look mature and sophisticated, who is your style icon?

A: Coco Chanel

Q: So how many Chanel accessories do you have in your closet?

A: None. I’m loyal to her style not her label.

Q: Noted. Any Nigerian fashion brand?

A: Jewel by Lisa.

Q: What do you do to chill?

A: Read novels. Watch movies. Hang with friends. Nothing out of the ordinary.

Q: Recently you released a collection of female artists that inspire you, You really brought back the legends that some of us had forgotten. Which of them would you jump at first for a collab?

A: Mary J Blige. She has really inspired me.

Q: Finally, can we have a small peek at the remaining schedule for Ruby this 2013?

A: Put out lots more music. Recording my album. Working on two EPs currently, will drop them before my album drops early 2014. Performances are a given. Putting together my monthly show. Hopefully a mini tour. Collabos with artists across africa. Appearances.



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