How To Keep up With the Celeb Life While Your Cash is Still Upcoming


There is no point living like a celeb when your finance does not proclaim you one yet.  Oh! Yes, you believe in yourself.  You do have faith in you and you know that you are destined for fame.  See, when you finally become famous, you will be living like a celebrity and will not be trying hard to.  Stop putting a strain on your finance, creative time and business/management just because you are trying to keep up with the celeb life.

Fine, you may be popular now for your music (and as an artist), but your income and brand value need to upgrade in cash and other.   And that’s what you need to be working on.  I mean when all you have for now is a name and the cash is not pouring in as much, now’s the time to let your management channel resources into building you a stream of income.

You are also a ‘business’ and you need capital to come in, for it to keep running.  You need to begin to make profit.   If you keep running without an inflow of cash, you might die off on the road.  You don’t want to end up being the typical artiste who was famous, had a popular song or two but no financial power.

Here are a few guidelines that will help you in your spending:

Always ask yourself, ‘Is it necessary?’ 

Do only that which is necessary to the furtherance of your career and well-being.

Differentiate what you need from what you don’t need.  Put on your reasoning cap.

For example:

Do you need a car for mobility or that luxurious machine?


Set your priorities right

Do a priority list; sit with your manager or someone who is smart in this area and check.   Strike out what’s not important no matter how urgent it might seem.  Put those which are important but not urgent in second place and put on top of the list those that are urgent and important.

You don’t have to be everywhere or do everything that seems ok except it’s vital to your career.


Do not let people around you fool you into thinking you have arrived. 

You are not there yet. And you know.  Well, especially financially.  The people who are around you are excited for you and they will tell you exactly what comes straight to their heads.  You should allow them motivate you but not push you into a relaxation point or a spending spree.

Be sincere with yourself.  Do evaluate yourself regularly.  Ask, ‘where is my career now?’ ‘Is my money smiling?’


Don’t try hard to prove a point

Yes, I know you really want to prove a point to those who turned you down.  You want to show those who didn’t believe in you and mocked you.  Some even said you wouldn’t make it and refused to help.   But remember pay back is a ‘bitch’ and not a ‘fool’.  So don’t go doing foolish spending trying to prove a point.

Don’t do something expensive just yet.  It’s not time.  You are still on your way to the top.  When you are there financially, then you can pay back.


Be practical about your money

This is how much you have now.  No magic will make it more, except you work at seizing and creating opportunities for more.  If your bank account figures ‘upcoming’, then you really should be thinking on how to make it ‘celeb’.   Keep praying and working and not daydreaming and spending like a moneybag while you are hoping more money would walk in just like that.  It doesn’t work that way in the real world- but only in your dreams.  Value attracts money. Add value to yourself.


Mind your business

Mind your own business. This means mind your career. Mind your music. Think about how to move it forward.  And work at it.



You should be thinking of investing in assets. Assets accrue. This means they appreciate in value. For example a property (say land or a house) is an asset.  While something that depreciates in value or does not exactly brings returns is a liability.   If you do invest in buying yourself say a land or a house you have tied your money into something that would yield you returns.  You have something to fall back on. You should also think of getting more assets.  Talk to a financial consultant to enlighten you more on this.

Your music and brand are also assets I believe.  You could invest in them by improving on your music while you could go the extra mile of making your brand a household name.   If you talk to a marketing consultant or brand specialist, he/she would enlighten you more on this.

You could also invest in a viable business that would yield returns.  Your service or product should be something that meets a need.  There are a thousand and one needs to be met, though you will need good management.  But above all make sure you do a feasibility study.  Talk to a business consultant first.  Please don’t do like people who assume they know what to do and just dabble into business without seeking counsel.   Remember you are a music artist and whatever it is you studied in school.  Business is an art and you need to learn about it to succeed. You could learn by skill acquisition or by experience- which is more expensive.


Reduce your Liabilities

 Cut down unreasonable spending.  If it doesn’t yield returns then watch how much you put into such venture.




Esther Fabunmi is the head of  Entertainment Ideaz ( an entertainment social enterprise),  and  bank manager of  Talentz Bank (, a music business resource and networking platform dedicated to help entertainers ‘turn from talent to cash’. Facebook/Talentz Bank, Twitter: @talentzbank.





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