Haba AREAFADA! Read “People Like Me” by CharlyBoy

Charly Boy
Charly Boy

Baba no wan old o 🙂  interesting article written by Charly Boy

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The other day, I was taking a walk from my hotel on Tonyi street to
Allen avenue to go pick up some munchies, amidst HAILING, “FADA” AREA
“from cab drivers, area boys and almost all that passed me by. It was
as if some people missed seeing my ugly face in Lagos. Suddenly one
Keke driver stopped by my side; I thought he was going to offer me a
ride to my destination. He took a long look at me, excited, he
shouted.”haba AREAFADA, U no wan old again?” and zoomed off, haba, see
me see troubleoooo.

And I wondered, should I stop looking my boyish self because I’m a
grandfather? Should I let go of the boy in me because I’m over sixty?
Should I roll over and play dead because society frowns at older
people who have a childlike/youthful disposition? Haba, which one be
dem own sef? That’s not all. Crack your Ribs comedy show is no match
for some of the comments I have read on some Blogs about the Brand,
cursing and calling me names from, silly old man, old fool, to Agbaya,
as if their ignorant and frustrated outburst on the social media would
change anything, or that their opinion can ever count in the scheme of
things. I send una? God punish Satan.

Why does our culture have a poisonous mentality when it comes to ageing?

For your liberation…

For a few people like me, yes, it’s very true that graceful ageing should bring emotional balance, a better handle on stress, should make you wiser and more confident in your person. It also depends on how we look at things and where we stand.  For me as a Buddhist, part of it is knowledge. Knowledge is Power. If you have not figured out how to use your inherent intelligence/knowledge to generate great power and influence on your life by the time old age has set in, that would be a sad commentary on one’s life. Part of feeling and looking much younger, may lie in ones DNA, and thank God I come from a damn good stock, but the most important would be life style.

When you have tremendous respect for your body, which by right should be one’s temple, and you treat your body right, you can’t help but shine from the inside out. I take my exercising seriously, I no longer smoke (cigarettes) never engaged in alcohol, fight tooth and nail to keep all negatives and negativity away from my thoughts, I sleep a lot, I am never promiscuous. And in all things I try to see positives not negatives. So what’s my business in looking or acting like an old man?

Some of my mates have different health issues they are dealing with, I even see people half my age with all kinds of medical problems, I’m in better shape so I thank the Lord that even at my age, my swag and My Ministry dey increase and I have not lost the glow from the inside. I still go dey ginger. I go do you,VooooM!! Bros e go be you like voodoo.

Finish here… http://www.charlyboy.org/people-like-me/

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