Five Awesome Suya Joints in Abuja


Who doesn’t love Suya? If you lie and say you don’t. God is watching you in 3D. Honestly, it’s one of Northern Nigeria’s best products; delicious grilled and spiced beef, chicken, ram, gizzard etc. served with onions and even tomatoes and cabbage in some places. It’s hard to resist…so at CriticChef because we have to tell you these things because who else will ya know? Chec out the Five Awesome Suya spots in Abuja, courtesy of



  1. Yahuza



Whoever lives in Abuja and has not heard of Yahuza must be living under a rock. They are probably the most well-known suya brand in the city and for good reason. Their suya is amazing! They serve chicken, beef or gizzards as well as the popular rice cake known as Masa.  Their prices are also quite affordable and they are literally all over the city with locations in Gwarinpa Estate and Wuse 2. If you ever visit Abuja. make it a point to grab some Yahuza!


  1. Drumstix


Now this is really a restaurant chain similar to Mr.Biggs and KFC but they also make suya which is a favourite among Abuja Residents. There is literally a drumstix on every corner of our nation’s capital and the suya is made fresh by order. The prices are a bit steep for my taste considering the size you get but their suya is delicious so one really can’t complain too much.

  1. Jamals Grilled Chicken


Jamals has taken Abuja by storm! Boasting to have “the best grilled chicken in Abuja”, their chicken suya is definitely a must have for all you meat lovers out there! Marinated in some secret sauces and flame grilled to perfection, those bad boys will make you want to go back for more and more and their prices are quite affordable plus they cater!  Located in Wuse 2 and Garki Areas.. Jamal whoever you are. Wherever you are. Thank you for this delicious chicken 🙂



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