On Death Row, Charly Boy Speaks



I walk tall and with a head high and their gaze follow me from one end of the street to another. I see the stare on their faces as if of envy for a man who it seems got all on a platter of gold.

 I’ve had cuts so deep, only if it had had a surface to expel the blood that turbulently flowed, breaking through the surface like a fountain passing through rocks. With a piecing dagger I have been stabbed and jagged deeply over and over at a spot like you pound a yam consistently in one confined spot until you get acquired result. I’ve being pained beyond description.

So I’ve had those moments when I’m floating upon a calm water with my eyes closed, having a feeling of another world. When I wake up some days and I’m overjoyed, and I move with steps like a soul that is moving with the sounds of a spirit drum. But many do not understand that such moments the gods have communed with me.

Finish here: http://www.charlyboy.org/on-death-row/



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