Death By Mouth Odour


So, mouth odour huh? …in all the time I’ve been writing, THAT has never been a topic that’s crossed my mind before, maybe its cos I don’t have people with the ‘disease’ living around me, or because I don’t just come across them much, I’ve come across lots of them before though, and I tell you, its not a torture any human being should have to go through. I’m not writing this to mock people that’s got it, but this topic’s being on my mind for a while now and I wouldn’t be able to take my mind off of it if I don’t write it. Am not hoping to totally eradicate mouth odour, but am a kind of writer that tends to rant when I feel strongly about something, it’s a good rant though, just stay with me through this, I promise I’m not a bore .


I started thinking about writing this article last week, I was on my way to meet up with someone and my bestie had earlier informed me that there was heavy traffic on the way, my appointment with this someone was a very important one which I couldn’t be late for, so I decided to take a bike, I mean thank God for bikes right? What will we do without them? They are a real lifesaver, well except for the one I got on though, first thing I noticed when I hopped on the bike was that the man’s hair was realy dirty, it looked greasy, muddy and sickly dry all at the same time, I figured he has prolly been working around the clock and he doesn’t have time to shower, but then this guy starts hollering at taxis that were getting in his way, and that was when I knew that I was done for, the minute he starts talking, the breeze blows back the air coming out of his mouth and it felt like I had just being sentenced to something I’d like to call ‘Death by Mouth Odour’. I don’t even wanna go into details on how his mouth smelled like cos some of you might be eating while reading this, I wouldn’t wanna ruin your meal.


Now there are Mouth odours and there are MOUTH ODOURS, am not talking about the kind of mouth odour you get when you forget to brush your teeth for the day or the type you get when you eat bread and tea, nope not that, you can easily escape that by chewing something minty. Am talking about the type of mouth odour that makes people avoid you, that breaks up relationships cos your gf/bf cant bring herself/himself to kiss you, or the type that makes you lose friends, yep that’s the one am talking about, the chronic type. One thing I have noticed about people with mouth odour, is that they like to talk a LOT, and people just hold their breath, smile and nod like nothing’s wrong, especially if the affected person is in a higher position, like a boss, or an uncle, or even the mum or dad.


Who’s to blame though? …no one! 40% of people with mouth odour brought it on themselves, and the other 60%? Well lets just say they weren’t so lucky, I researched it and some of the main causes of mouth odour is constipation, if you are constipated and your system is not moving as it should there’s a tendency for you to have mouth odour, the trick to that is drinking a lot of water, the other cause is obstructed sinus i.e. when your sinus in the nasal cavity has been blocked due to constant cold or infection, there’s a tendency for you to have mouth odour. Now there are the advanced causes of mouth odour, like Kidney problem or if the liver is infected, then you need to see a doctor then.


Now a friend of mine asked me sometime ago if I was bold enough to tell my dad he has a mouth odour, and I didn’t think I could, I mean seriously its THE DAD we are talking about, but the thing is if its your close friend, or your boss, or your bf/gf, you have to talk to them about it because if you don’t tell them nicely, someone else will do, and it wont be in a good way at all. And if you suffer from mouth odour and youre reading this, pls deal with your ‘problem’ fast!





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