Dear Seyi Shay, Before The Faux Pas Boomerangs


Our favourite pop Princess has courted a lot of social media attention recently, not because she clutched a mega endorsement deal, far from it, she has once again gaffed out during an interview. This is one of her counting infamous TV blunders. A reality show “Gaffe Out Loud with Seyi Shay” may not be so bad. Especially considering her proclivity to gaffe in front of the cameras.


Her journey so far began with a pronunciation test with a Pulse NG interviewer, another faux pas episode was with HipTV when asked the meaning of an EP, and she disappointed us again when she shared unconfirmed information bothering on Drake’s Billboard number one hit One Dance featuring our own Wizkid on a Jamaican TV show OnStage.

At this rate, we fear Miss Seyi Shay may be impacting her brand negatively with her proclivity to blunder during interviews. Before the bad happens, we’ll suggest different tacts the “Right Now” crooner may need to apply when doing a TV face time.


  • Please Prepare: It is well understood that some interviews are impromptu, they just happen without forewarning. As an economist would say “ceteris paribus” all things being equal, a public figure like Seyi Shay should be ready for exigencies like this. It is almost unforgivable for someone with a profile like hers not to know what an EP means; for goodness sake Seyi Shay is not a banker. It is pertinent to be very knowledgeable about your trade. Always get your facts and figures in order beforehand. There is nothing wrong rehearing for an interview.
  • Try Bridging: During interviews, you are not under stringent rules to answer questions just exactly as they are thrown at you. If you’re just hearing it for the first time, yes it is true you are not under compulsion to answer questions hook line and sinker. Dear Seyi Shay you’re not under surveillance by EFCC or DSS. Just to say, a female Nigerian music power voice walked out of an interview because she was not comfortable with the questions fired at her. You can reframe questions to enable yourself to answer them from a more favourable point of view. You can freely expand the scope of the questions or reduce them anyway it suits. When a question is thrown at you, you can say “let me answer it from this point of view” and you proceed gracefully.
  • Questioning the interviewer: Please if you are not sure what the interviewer means with any question, feel free to ask them to rephrase the question to make it more succinct and understandable. This will definitely make an interviewer give you a direct question that you totally grasp and are willing to answer. You can ask “what do you mean by that?” or maybe “why do you ask?” to understand the premise or motive behind any question.
  • Way too much Information: It can be very hurtful to give too much information. As much as possible, please stick to the questions asked. Don’t overstep, don’t spill the beans before it is ready. Saying too much during an interview can boomerang on you. It is better to say little and be thought wise than to say it all and certify your folly. There is no nothing amiss in saying that you are not sure of an answer as at the time of an interview.

Miss Seyi these are serious PR advice you should heed to before your faux pas becomes the bane of your burgeoning music career.




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