Chidinma’s Pretty Hair, The Headies And Other Moot Stories


So one of my music crushes decided it’s time to make a “comeback“. That is how it’s said when you go under the radar, in military terms you say AWOL which means “Absent Without Official Leave”. Like for real why would any Nigerian artiste want to go AWOL at the moment? Especially for a single female artiste in the Nigerian U-26 music league. No marital obligations, not an expectant mother, and you go AWOL, bet why?

You know when that your auntie from abroad is coming home for Christmas. Your expectations are always over the rooftops. You are dead sure auntie will bring home some American cookies, you’ll get new Tee’s to sample for Christmas with a cool pair of sneakers. Wow you get so ecstatic, you day dream her return so much you overlook all the stress from your  domestic chores. Then the great auntie returns without half the things you dreamt about. No doubt she turned up pretty sleek and gorgeous as usual but nothing “wow” 😱 about her return. Auntie falls your hands beyond graps. 😢

Albeit, my music crush Chidinma has returned from her recess with “Fallen In Love“. She declares she has fallen in love with one bobo like that. It’s sad fallen in love does not look like a career saving jam. Far from a fire jam. There’s is nothing to hold onto in the song. Just the way the ladies have “cassava” to hold onto in Tekno’s Pana. Same way guys are scheming to resolve the problem about a female’s backyard in Reekado’s Problem. It is expected  that  Chidinma’s new single should be “another gbedu wey go burst brain” this Christmas, status still in doubt. So far miss kedike resembles that “my auntie” in certain ways. In fairness her comeback hair is pretty dope. Pretty hair on a good head. 😍 If you can’t remember the song don’t forget the hairstyle. Ladies copy that!


In other news, the controversial Headies is back with even more controversies. There are lots of disappointment expressed from different quarters. So far some explaining has been done by the Headies.

According to the Headies “The year in review is July 1st, 2015 – June 30th, 2016”. Why would Tiwa Savage’s “Bad” video be nominated when it was exactly a month outside the year in review? That video was released on July 29th 2016.

Isn’t it ironic the winner of the “Next Rated” in 2015 did not bag any nomination this year?

Shouldn’t the ‘Rookie of the Year‘ category be open to voting by fans like the ‘Next Rated’ and not a peekaboo fair? At least contenders should be revealed. Are we damn to accept whoever emerges winner of the ‘Rookie of the Year’?

It’s impossible for any award show to please everyone but its Modus Operandi should show fairness and transparency. Dear Headies fix up any loopholes before it gets to a point we all lose faith in the awards.


Only some weeks ago Ajegunle breed singer Oritse Femi released his 6th studio album titled “Corporate Miscreant“. It’s however weird how the album title seems like a self fulfilling prophecy. One of the most moot stories on social media is about the singer engaging in a brawl at Quilox night club. The scuffle resulted in injuries. Oritse Femi however apologised from his hospital bed for putting up a behavior worthy of a miscreant and thug at Quilox. Why are artistes very comfortable putting up misconducts and coming up later with cliché apologies?


Another debatable story has it that kokomaster, D’banj, is yet to offset a debt of about N100 million. A legal suit has been taken to a Lagos State High court. This doesn’t look good on an Entertainment Icon like D’banj.


Just for synopsis, Chidinma should not be written yet, right? Can she be named as the hottest female act in the music industry sometime in the near future?

With all the controversies sandwiching the Headies Awards can the organisers take a lesson from all of these? Hope this year’s event will not meet an half empty auditorium. Will many artistes boycott this year’s award?

What would warrant a veteran artiste like Oritse Femi to abandon his manners and get involved in a fist fight?  Most embarrassing thing fighting in the populous Quilox night club.

Will D’banj respond to the debt allegations on him?






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