Celebrity #ThrowBackThursday: Sophy Aiida Rocks With Us With Her Top Old School Party Jams

Sophy Aiida
Sophy Aiida
Sophy Aiida

It’s Thursday people, and yet another opportunity to walk down memory lane with our favorite celebrities. This week we catch up with Cameroonian actress and singer, Sophy Aiida and she shared with us her favorite old school party joints.

Let’s go there

Notorious BIG – Mo money mo problems

This is one joint that’ll probably feature on everyone’s fav party joint from back in the day. Like common, who didn’t like this song? Yes I guessed it. No one.


Meiway – Zoblazo

All my Coupe Decale music fans I’m sure you remember this joint. Yep, Sophy gotta represent for the Cameroonians out there 🙂


Sisqo – Unleash the dragon

Take away that ridiculous blonde/platinum hair that Sisqo was sporting, he was really making some dope music. Unleash the dragon falls right up there with his best joints.


DJ Arafat – Jonathan

This joint from Cote D’Ivoire icon, DJ Arafat is still a steady in clubs all over the continent of Africa and for very good reason. The song is still one to get your a$$ off the dance floor. That video though 0_O. Let’s just stick with the audio 🙂


Yannick – Ces Soirees la

Yannick is a french act that many of us on this side might not be familiar with, but he’s as popular as they come in the french speaking parts of the world. His joint 2000 released song Ces Soirees La was a huge international hit, and you can definitely tell by number of views on youtube. Dope joint too.




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