Big Brother Africa: The Beverly Saga


It is sad to note that people watch BBA with biased minds and not objectively. The issue to address is the trending ‘make out’ session between Beverly and Angelo. Beverly yes is a 21 years old damsel and Angelo a 37 years old Dude but then 16 years age gap is no big deal in Africa after all most families can boast of a wider age gap between their parents. As a single young lady cooked up in a place for 3 months attractions are bound to flare for the male counterparts but please I advise viewers to respect her choice of partner as what I have deduced from your    tweets are that the choice of partner is “ewww”

Natasha said to Pokello,”this is not right its like watching a young girl and her sugar daddy” mind you Pokello is a 28 years old lady frolicking with a 24 years old male tailor from Ghana Elikem. Feza is 26 and O’Neal is 32 years old so please why all the crap.

If viewers have been following BBA8 judiciously from the start, they will recall in the first few weeks Beverly made known her preference for older guys as can be seen in her attraction to LK4 and Bimp. She is young fresh and carefree and as such older guys (LK4, Bolt, Bimp and Angelo) are attracted to her while the younger ones see her as a sister (Nando and Bassey). In my opinion, Beverly is better off with Angelo who reciprocates her feelings than her stuck in a rut with Bimp who though attracted to her cannot act upon his attraction. It will also be wise for some viewrs to invest in a proper tv set which shows clear pictures because Angelo did not have relations with Beverly tonight just Kisses and smooches!!! Its so funny that the people calling Melvin a fool for not succumbing to the flirtations of Annabel, Maria, Dillish and Selly are the same ones cursing Beverly out for acting on her attractions towards Angelo.

In conclusion, live your life as you see fit and leave others to do the same. Good night.


Self proclaimed BBA 8 Analyst!


  1. Angelo is cool,beverly is not bad,so why the story things,more over she’s 21 not a kid.but why that girl they fall our hand na!!!!!!

  2. Truth is that Nigerians tend to be very critical, Beverly is trying to be herself as much as I don’t support some of her actions, we shud still support her. Then sit back and watch.

  3. Interesting observations and piece, good thing you get “clear” tv wey u take see kiss n smooches nor be “sexing” lol!

  4. Last I checked, BBA8 was rated 18. DSTV should device a means of disconnecting BBA from people making childish rantings. All in the house are adults. Reminder: BBA is all about adults living their lives in public glare for 3 months. Adults reserve the rights to choose who they mate with and to what extent mating occurs. Bev, ride on jare! And bring all the money home.

  5. finally…..some one gets it….i prefer her wiv Angelo cos he feels the same…she has a lot of growing up to do…she doesn’t need a young guy…bt a matured one…

  6. People shouldn’t judge. Remove d speck in ur eyes first. Bev is not a kid and can date whoever even if he was d same age as her grandfather. Why re dey evn bothered or drinking panadol 4 her, itz nt like dey r friends or concerned abt her and would hate 2 see her hurt but my prob is africa is not taken 2 coupling in bba n tends 2 evict couples in d houz- itz like couples ve lost focus n 4goten dt dey r actually der 4 d money, d single schemers remain focused n most timez take d money home.

  7. You pple supporting Bevely are all talking Trash. Just one question for you if she happens to be your daughter will you be very proud of her?

  8. No one talking trash pls, we all are entitled to our opinions, and yes I would still be proud of her if she was my sister or daughter cause that is Unconditional love. You can choose ur friends but never ur family…Beverly still has a lot of growing up to do yes..but let her be…u definitely r not perfect.


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