A Valentine’s Day Letter From Yemi Alade


“Ehhh? Na So E Be? This Thing Be like film-trick o!” , “O na eme m voom-voom na anya”!

Somebody lied!They told us about Romeo and Juliet ,of how they loved and died together PEACEFULLY!

As if when they drank the poison ,”E no chuuk them for belle,Like say them no dey shout; Yeee!! Yeee!!

The Author of the story led Us to believe that Romeo and Juliet didn’t regret opting to kill themselves, atleast for one second before death while in pain from the poisoning!*rolls eyes*

Well Hello!They probably insulted each other! If I were Juliet,” I for ask Romeo ;Wo! Romeo! Guy! Where you from get this kain poison?!

Which Kain rubbish be this?!Yeee! *shouting in pain* God go punish you! Walahi! Dan Banza Niyi!!*swearing in hausa and yoruba *

Ah! “Madam go join Hausa with Yoruba! Insult the guy!” *Writer giggles*

But the most important part of this story is that,after all the insults and what not,they probably held hands and remembered why they made their current decision;they would NEVER give up a ‎​love that everyone they knew wanted to take from them.

Have you ever had something you cherished so badly ,that ALL your friends and everyone around you wanted to from you ? Your car,spouse,job,home,boyfriend, etc.

Well Yes!That is what it must have felt like! I have been there before and hey,let’s just say that is where I stand right now as I write this letter to you,and trUst ‎​‎​me; “‎​Me Sef No Fit Give UP This ‎​LOVE Wey We Get O!”


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