The 2013 End Of Year Nigerian Pop Culture Awards BY & That1960Chick

The cast of the movie Flower Girl

We’re just over 2 weeks away from the end of the year and what a year it has been. We’ve seen everything this year from celebrity beefs to ratchet behavior, great comebacks, failed comeback, fashion kills and fashion tragedies.

So I, Aribaba, representing and great Teefah repping have come up with a fun and exciting list of awards to remember the year by. It’s not a conclusive list so we’ll certainly love your input on each category in the comments selection.


Most stylish/Best Dressed of the year: These are the celebrities this year who dazzled and stayed sharp when it comes to the style game. Genevieve, Rita Dominic, Dbanj, Iyanya and the rest of the nominees were damn near impeccable when it comes to style.

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Most ratchet of the year:  This is pretty self explanatory. There was an extremely high level of ratchetness this year and these 3 have taken the cake for it and ran with it. 

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Most controversial personality: What can one say? These are not necessarily the most notorious peeps but somehow controversy surrounds them whether is warranted or not, and dare I say some actually like it.


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Most newsworthy: We loved talking about them, and even flashing some jewelry on instagram could get them on the blogs asap. They are the most newsworthy folks of the past year.


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Rita Dominic now tops the lists of most wanted cougars 🙂

Comeback of the year: This time last year, their profile might have been down a little bit but that didn’t stop them from staging a 


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Couple of the year: We sure love love. Yes we do, and we love to see it among our celebrities, and these couples gave us a lot to see and more with many of them ending in dream weddings towards the end of the year. We must to love utunu.


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Music artiste of the year


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Like Seriously, what’s this?

Worst dressed:  This is pretty self explanatory. You don’t need a rocket scientist to explain this.


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Newbie of the year: They probably aren’t all really new but this was the year that their stock gained a lot of big time recognition. You can say they shed that “upcoming” tag and are not bonafide celebrities.


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Brand person of the year:


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Entertainment beef of the year: This year – like every other year – had it’s fair share of beef, and one is even tempted to say more. It seems like beef was the order of the day and there was plenty to go around. Some like Chocolate City and Brymo’s are still going on, and others – Juliet Ibrahim vs OJB’s Kidney Fund was able to be resolved.


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Celebrity Girlfriend of the year: Hey! We love our celebrities, but we love our celebrities spouses even more. Here are some of our favorite celebrity girlfriends of the year.


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Boyfriend turned husband Tee-Billz with his wife Tiwa Savage

Celebrity Boyfriend of the year:


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Best Actor:


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Best Actress:


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Song of the year: The year has had its fair share of club hits and anthem, but if we look back on the year, these are the songs that stand out big time.


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Video vixen of the year:


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Music video of the year:


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The cast of the movie Flower Girl
The cast of the movie Flower Girl

Movie of the year: 


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Media whore of the year: You know them. Those celebrities who just loved to be in the media. All kinds of publicity stunts and things to keep the buzz going. Can’t hate though it’s all about keeping your name buzzing which translates to dollars and naira right? While some see the business some others on this list are just attention seekers.


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Most likely to make a huge splash in 2014: Every end of the year we look forward to seeing who we think will make a serious impact going into 2014. The names we knows are buzzing but might just go serious big time come 2014. We’re not Nostradamus here, but we’ll do our best to predict. 


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Most hated on celebrities of 2013: These are those folks for fairly or unfairly get a lot of hate from fans and well… not fans. The comments, tweets etc are just filled with so much hate when it comes to these peeps. Not exactly sure why though… Well for some we do know why lol.


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Most Liked Celebrity: Just like the most hated, we have the most liked. It doesn’t matter what they do, the fans just loved them. Maybe it’s for all the good stuff they’ve done previously, or their personalities, or maybe because of free credit. Who knows? 🙂


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We dont want to say this is biggest fail of 2013 and our Oga at the top will say something else

Epic Fail Of The Year : As the name suggest, this is pretty much the epic fail of the year. The worst lack in judgement in the entertainment industry this or just in nigerian pop culture, and those that just took the whole social media by storm for all the wrong reasons, and yes some things we need to leave in 2013.


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Pop Culture Personality Of The Year: As the name suggest, who’s the celebrity of the year. Whether good or bad, this personality has been the person that has just had the year of a lifetime. For this one ladies and gentlemen we’ll be putting out for your guys to vote.

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Well that’s all folks. Dont forget t0o leave us your comments and thoughts and who you think takes the cake in each category. And to any celebrity who might be offended please remember we don’t mean any harm. It’s all in good fun 🙂

Peace out from us, and Happy Holidays! Drive safe, dont drink and drive, drink and dance. RIP Goldie Harvey!

Compiled by Aribaba (@aribabaj) & Teefah (@that1960chick)


  1. Cossy Orjiakor definitely deserves a slap for that outfit for real, and mos def Toke deserves that most hated slot. she too do abeg


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