10 Hottest Nigerian Babes In Entertainment [2012 Edition]


It’s 2012! And the year wont end unless I bring y’all, the Jaguda.com faithfuls, another list of the the 10 hottest babes in entertainment. Every year we see a lot of hot babes in the Nigerian entertainment industry – some of them veterans that have been staying fine for years and years, and some others are new fresh faces that just caught everyone’s eye in the past 12 months. And yes, some old school peeps that have upgraded and gotten back into people’s hot list.

So this year, as opposed to last year, I decided to run a mini survey among friends and well wishers (mostly men) to find out who they thought were the hottest babes in entertainment. Needless to say most of the names I got were not too far off from my own personal list, so it safe to say that on a general scale, it’s hard to argue that any of these girls are not hot.

Let’s get to it.

Genevieve Nnaji

Do I really still need to explain this one. It almost seems like Genevieve is not aging at all while most of her “mates” in the movie industry are already beginning to falter in the looks department. Genevieve is still giving these young girls a run for their money.

Add the fact that she has a 16 year old, and you just have to commend this woman’s ability to maintain her natural beauty.



Not too long ago, Chidinma was the “small” girl that won project fame. Today she has turned into a hot celebrity with a very unique traditional look.

Whether she’s swagged up in urban gear or in dressed up ankara style, this babe is still one that every guy would like to hold on his arm and claim as wifey. Add that short hair look she’s sporting now, and you gotta give it to her on that one of a kind beauty. No be everyday we dey see this kind. You dey make my heart go Kedike-kedike-ke-ke-ke-ke. Ok you get the point.


Tiwa Savage

Tiwa Savage is just class in every sense of the word. Looking at her, she just oozes class. From the way she talks, walks, acts, and her style. You can be sure Tiwa will never fall your hand when it comes to looks.

That chocolate skin tone too is one another level of sexy.

Really I can go on and on about Tiwa Savage, but I’m sure I won’t be saying anything you don’t already know. From last year to this year, this babe is still one of the finest babes in Entertainment.


Eku Edewor

There’s something very captivating about this tv presenter, and no it’s not her ‘fluorescent’ shining complexion. There’s a certain elegance, and grace that comes with her, and also a bit of an innocent naïve look. Almost like the fine girl next door that never really thought she was that fine.

It’s for this reason and many more that Eku Edewor strikes me as one of the hottest in Nigerian Entertainment. Add her style sense and it’s easy to see why she’s one of the most desirable women on tv.



You go fear hips man. I said last year that Toolz got that ‘made for the African man packaging’, and I’m not backing down from that statement. I mean look at those hips and tell me why I should. No be say I dey lie.

This radio personality does not only have the body of a Yoruba goddess, she has the facial beauty, the brains, the ambition and overall packaging that plenty of Nigerian men will go gaga for. Yes including me.



Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah (or Eva ILoveYa) has her cup runneth over with swag. From top to bottom this femcee can switch it from the tom-boyish urban look to the extra feminine girly girl look without dropping an ounce of hotness.

Throw in the fact that she is a pretty “sensual” being, and is super fierce on the M-I-C and you have Eva probably featuring in a lot of wet dreams. I didn’t stutter. *straight face*



I’m not sure I need to keep saying how hot this former MBGN winner turned rapper is. There are some things that are constant in this world, the sky is still blue, death is still certain, garri no need advert, and Muna is still hot.

That’s all I’m going to say. No need flogging a dead horse.



Here’s one person that has been flying under the radar for a few years, but that doesn’t make her any less hot than the more popular women in entertainment.

The singer, recently signed to Darey’s Soul Musik, is one of the girls in the game that is just naturally pretty. With or without the packaging, she’s still a beautiful woman. One of those that you might still mistake for a woman in her 20s when she’s 40+.


Damilola Adegbite

We know her Telema Duke from the soap opera Tinsel. Damilola Adegbite, an actress, tv host and model has a very calm and soothing beauty that makes you praise the soft touch of God when it comes to the creation of human beings.

She’s one person that if you were to wake up next to her, you’ll get on your knees and thank God that you have this person as your wife.


Adaora Akubilo

Now I’m not sure about Adaora’s relationship status, but I’m willing to bet that if she has a boyfriend/husband, that guy will be ready to fight every guy that even comes close to this girl. I know I would. I mean why not.

This beauty was featured in the popular American sports magazine, Sports Illustrated, and since then her name has jumped out when it comes to Nigerians in international modelling. God bless this babe’s mother and God bless the Federal republic of Nigeria 🙂

Just outside the box

Niyola – Almost seems like she doesn’t try too hard to be beautiful.

Toke Makinya –  Made for TV beauty. You can’t go have a bad day watching her on TV.

Stephanie Okereke – Aging gracefully and it almost seems she gets more beautiful with age

So there you have it. The 10 hottest Nigerian babes in entertainment. To pick 10 was a heavy task, but finally we had to pick 10 (plus 3 jara). Will you agree with my list 100%? Probably not. That’s why you can leave a comment and either tell me I like better thing, or that I’m blind. After all we’re all different and like different things.

Image Credit: Sports Illustrated, BellaNaija, Toolzo.net

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  1. Aribaba it be like say your eye get curtain on top am o. Please what is Damilola doing on there, and I’d still put Omotola over babes like Toolz & Zainab.

    Anyways, after the last 2 lists you did it’s obvious u have different taste.Thank God you didn’t put Toka makinwa there… she’s ugly jor.

  2. Well done. These babes are certainly hot like fire. But jaguda why didn’t you put babes like Monalisa Chinda & Chioma Chukwuka. Those are beautiful women too

  3. Where da fhuck is omotola abeg who is dis nonsense writer. Have u seen omot’s recent pics dat jst circulated without fotoshop or make up.u beta put her as no 1 if u wnt ur list to be relevant nd genevieve is sooo overrated she shldnt evn be amng top 10 gosh is dis popularity list why do y’ll kip squeezn her in list dammy tiwa nd muna even chidinma beat genny by far.Nonsense even toolz confirmed omot is d sexiest d first namme person find na omotola

  4. dis ur list aint it at all… where is Omotola in this list? omotola is way much sexier than some of the chipmunks u have here….have u seen toolz recently? she’s sooo fat…eeww!

  5. one person go just wake up one morning and start to form list…mtchew! Where z tonto dike? Dat girl might b razz bt she’s hawt…where is omotola omosexy? Make una park well with this list.

  6. All these people commenting and talking about Tonto Dike, una dey smoke red sand? Which Tonto Dike we dey talk about? The babe is not fine abeg just because she likes to overform sexy *hiss*

  7. These comments are hilarious. So because there is no Omotola the list is now trash? Nigerians una brain be like groundnut I swear. Abi did Omotola pay una to come and start voltron club for her?

    Anyways, I do think Omotola should be in there in place of Damilola or Zainab, but overall the list has some very beautiful women.

    Aribaba you do well. Kudos. Even though your list dey always cause wahala. You sure you want to continue doing this? hahahaha



    • LOL. See as you dey shout. U wan bust blood vessel on top beauty list? Please have a sachet of pure water and relax. lmao lmao

    • Wait o. Who did this list. I swear this person no get eyes! Atall. Him eyes they wear pant. U sure say u no de go collect small time with this girls. Wey u leave fine fine guls like omotala. Com put guls way be say if u comot makeup,them be like witch..
      Guy abeg undo this list. D thing de vex me.! That guy talk toolz nyash,i swear na nyash go kill u.

  9. Genevieve is just hype! she’s not fine, no ass , no boobs , nothing…It’s just ppl’s general believe that she’s hot…Even tho i don’t know most of this faces here but i still think omotola jolade is the hottest Nigerian celebrity…I mean CELEBRITY! hands down…

  10. Squeezing genevieve nnaji into every list doesn’t do any good, maybe u just wanted popularity on this post!! We all know Omotola should be on that list, genny is sexy but her being the first is CRAPPY!!!! And next time u r making a list watch E!! Dstv 124, beyonce is sexy but she doesn’t top the list always u guys hv to learn that in Nigeria and stop with the over rating already hian!! *sips smirnoff*

  11. Hheheheh guess all has been said WTF IS OMOOTOLA ND MERCY JOHNSON? hahhhhaaha mumu writer.Abge who called tonto dike there dat flat ass,big stomach rubber lips bleached amoebic girl she’s nt sexy at all.This writer even wanted to put toke makinwa very DAFT! u beta remove eva for stephnie okereke nd genevieve for iyola.Forget abt popularity,genny doesnt have to be i every list.Go nd check out E list u see beyonce nd even angelina jolie absent in some list dey dnt squeeze dem cos dey popular.What exactly has genny done dis year we havnt even see her arnd or mag covers mtcheew omotola has been workin and she is SEXY hell even mercy johnson yeye dey smell u put genny in every list even if u put her must she be in number 1 na wa o

  12. Nice list. I wonder when we’ll start selebrating everyday girls that are more beautiful than those on this list…. Time…

  13. The list is solid. Aribaba you sure know how to get people started sha.

    Omotola is ok but I didn’t vex cos she wasn’t on the list. Chidinma, Genevieve, Tiwa, Eku, Toolz & Eva will be on my list too anyday. The others are debatable.


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