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A kiss on the cheek
9 months ago

To My Future Wife, I Write…

Dear Future Wife,   Too many times I have read and heard that whoever finds a wife has found a good thing, so I’ve had to ...

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10 months ago

11 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Into You

My morning commute to work is quite tedious and so in an attempt to entertain myself, I spend the hour listening to radio shows. This ...

African American businessman is thinking intensely
11 months ago

Dear Perfect-Man Hunter

Dear Perfect-Man Hunter, Oh you’re looking for the perfect man? Tall but not too tall that he looks awkward, dark but not too ...

breakup- grieve
11 months ago

7 Tips to Get Over Your Heartbreak

“Ral, this is my worst fear coming true. How could I have been so blind?  This was supposed to be my one. Now I’m back ...

11 months ago

7 Signs Your Man Is Cheating

Recently, I received a Dear NwaVic letter from a married woman who feared her husband may be cheating and wanted to know if the things ...

12 months ago

7 Keys to Finding a Good Husband

If you’re over 23 (or younger these days), then more likely than not, your friends have started getting married. Weddings now have ...

12 months ago

5 Ways To Tell Your Man Is Lying

Lies Lies Lies! We all hate them, even though everyone does tell a little white lie now and then, but we hate the big big lies and ...

12 months ago

Men Cheat, Women are Materialistic

To Bee Honest… “Nigerian men are chronically unfaithful.” “Nigerian women are materialistic.” These are two of the most ...

1 year ago

Twist And A Tale

… Never had the intention of writing this piece, but I think it is of paramount importance that a “sensitive” issue like ...

Talk to the hand
1 year ago

When is a Little too Much?

I have been thinking about this almost all day. I realize that i might be probably worrying over nothing and simply over-reacting but ...