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pick battles
10 months ago

The Art of Picking Your Battles

Last week, my hairdresser told me I was too much for her. She said I haggle prices, then I’m always looking in the mirror to ...

10 months ago

10 Makings of an Emotional Affair

Last week, I had a “Dear NwaVic” conversation. The person, who was in a serious relationship, explained to me that she ...

A kiss on the cheek
10 months ago

To My Future Wife, I Write…

Dear Future Wife,   Too many times I have read and heard that whoever finds a wife has found a good thing, so I’ve had to ...

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11 months ago

11 Tell-Tale Signs He’s Into You

My morning commute to work is quite tedious and so in an attempt to entertain myself, I spend the hour listening to radio shows. This ...

African American businessman is thinking intensely
1 year ago

Dear Perfect-Man Hunter

Dear Perfect-Man Hunter, Oh you’re looking for the perfect man? Tall but not too tall that he looks awkward, dark but not too ...

breakup- grieve
1 year ago

7 Tips to Get Over Your Heartbreak

“Ral, this is my worst fear coming true. How could I have been so blind?  This was supposed to be my one. Now I’m back ...

1 year ago

7 Signs Your Man Is Cheating

Recently, I received a Dear NwaVic letter from a married woman who feared her husband may be cheating and wanted to know if the things ...

1 year ago

7 Keys to Finding a Good Husband

If you’re over 23 (or younger these days), then more likely than not, your friends have started getting married. Weddings now have ...

1 year ago

5 Ways To Tell Your Man Is Lying

Lies Lies Lies! We all hate them, even though everyone does tell a little white lie now and then, but we hate the big big lies and ...

1 year ago

Men Cheat, Women are Materialistic

To Bee Honest… “Nigerian men are chronically unfaithful.” “Nigerian women are materialistic.” These are two of the most ...