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Tout Kitchen Season 2
12 months ago

Video: Tout Kitchen – Season 2

The touts are back for season 2 of the award winning Tout Kitchen cooking show. Season 2 of the weekly show features 12 episodes of ...

2 years ago

Top 8 Nollywood No No’s

     It’s an industry that has produced your favorite films like “Osuofia”, “Beyonce”, and “Blackberry ...

2 years ago

I Feel Like Puking!

Whats all this? I feel like puking! Lady at the extreme right looks like somebody almost yanked her dress off her before she entered? ...

2 years ago

Video: How To Be A Naija Runs Girl

… This video has been circulating all over the place, and it’s pretty hilarious if I can say so. So ladies, grab your pen ...