Review: Kahli Abdu & Trackpants – On This Side


Kahli Abdu was on somewhat of a hiatus, but now we know he’s been on a different side working on an album with the group American group Trackpants.

Their single together, On This Side, is what you can consider classic Kahli. A solid beat without too much unnecessary dazzle, clean production, solid lyricism, and the hook complements everything perfectly. We’ve come to expect good lyrics and a calm delivery from Kahli, but on this tune, it works so well with what Trackpants was bring to the table, you have to feel this is a perfect match.

On trying to find a downside, I couldn’t find much. Kahli is never the one to make a “timkpa timkpa” tune, and excepting that from him means you’re really not a fan. It’s the reason why though he’s not the most popular but he’s one of the most respected among his peers. To his fans, this song is solid gold.