Video: MC Galaxy and DMV Promoters Get Into An Altercation Outside The Club


You wouldn’t believe much of it unless you saw a video.

Apparently MC Galaxy (of ‘Sekem’ fame) was scheduled to perform at a club in Silver Spring, Maryland this past saturday, September 13th, 2014, and somehow due to some disputes, his crew and the promoters of the event ended up getting into an altercation.

According to where this video was originally published the promoters in question (T-Spotlite) were causing confusion, cursing and visibly upset.

There is talk about money not being paid, and the venue being empty etc, but things are not certain. What we do see in the video is MC Galaxy being dragged by his pants by someone back to the venue. Surprisingly, MC Galaxy though upset didn’t cause too much of a scene or try to fight.

We can talk all the talk but just watch the video


Of course it didn’t take too much time for twitter to react. LOL.


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