Cocktails like you have Never Imagined! Drink up


If like me, you enjoy a sip and then a glass of various exotic drinks now and again, then this would most likely spike your interests. It is usually a tad bit too difficult for me to be impressed by drinks and cocktails so i usually keep an open mind when trying something new. With names ranging from “Bahamas” to very eccentric titles like “Sex on the Beach” , Cocktails never do seem to go out of style, and usually everyone is interested in having a glass.

Cocktail drinks are an exotic blend of various drinks that add spice to any occasion be it an indoor or outdoor event ranging from children’s parties, weddings, corporate events, and beach parties etc. Cocktail drinks could either be alcoholic with a dash of alcohol or non alcoholic depending on client’s preferences.





In Nigeria, the popular cocktail is the “Chapman drink ‘’  it is deep red in colour which is a blend of several drinks ranging from plain drinks, currants, bitters, angostura served over ice cubes in a tall glass garnished with cucumber or lemon fruits slices with straw .To book for cocktail drinks and Smoothies for your events  or enquiries on trainings contact “” or call Eloise on 08064276253/bbpin 278C222A0