Jasmine WINS @EvaAlordiah’s Rap competition #Rap69!


Eva Alordiah  has successfully made Rap music a favorite for the females with this Competition. Contestants were expected to freestyle-rap Eva’s song DEAF against the instrumental and video tape themselves Rapping. From the many entries, Ms Jasmine has just been announced the winner of the competition which started in March.



Awwww i am really so thrilled to finally announce the Winner for the first edition of #Rap69! Yes! there would be many more #Rap69 competitions and it would be my pleasure to share this with you guys over and over again. No, #Rap69 isn’t restricted to only the females, however #Rap69 for DEAF was a female only competition, reasons already known to some of y’all.

Now, back to the matter. Congratulations to Jasmine! She won because she was extra confident, her attitude was sick and her delivery was really smooth. She even added her own finesse to the song ‘DEAF’. Now with so many entries to judge , the final results were decided by voting and Jasmine won your votes. I guess a lot of y’all agree.

Shout out to all the many beautiful girls who entered for this competition. There’s more stuff to win! I’d let y’all know soon.

Jasmine WINS for herself;

  • -N69,000 in cash
  • -A 69 Jersey by Eva (featured in the ‘DEAF’ video)
  • -A total Makeover and Photoshoot with Eva
  • -A complete Makeup starter set from ‘makeupByOrsela Lagos
  • -A Feature in Eva’s next music video

Thank you guys for being a part of this competition and supporting #Rap69! The next one would be announced shortly. @EvaAlordiah