HOT!!! Yemi Alade Posts Nude Photo Of Herself Bathing In Her Jacuzzi on Instagram


Yemi Alade

Yemi Alade is sexy and she is showing the world. The Johnny crooner posted a picture showing her hot body while bathing in her jacuzzi with the caption; “Hell no..I cant swim…would rather chill in m jacuzzi”.

While we await the video for Johnny this shot will do! Check out the picture below.

Yemi Alade in Jacuzzi


Photo Credit: Instagram | yemialade

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  1. When she was in the street some of u guys didn’t say flicking an un-useful words on her, but now u see,, u see u wanna say u guys re more perfect than her?, the more i see it seems majority of peoples doesn’t like good deeds why? Yemi jst take dis it is a little chorus freestyle,, Be sure of urself oh, my brother be sure of who u’re they may say u’re weird actually u love ur life leav them hatre’s let them hate my sister leav those people let them talk ohh,, That’s for u by YOUNG BROWN A.K.A Khalykid….

  2. Comment
    I’m so in love with YEMI Alade. Please anyone has useful information on how I can get in touch with her. Life without her is emptiness. I love you so much YEMI Alade and I don’t think I can love or marry any other woman except you my darling. please call me or write me on my whatsApp number +2347052010088. thank you and God bless you.

  3. Comment:
    Am in deep love with you YEMI Alade, if you are reading this. I don’t think I can love or marry any other woman except you. you’re my dream woman. everyday the love I have for you keep growing and i can’t help it but to let the world knows how much I feel for you and want you desperately in my life. please write me or call me on my whatsApp number +2347052010088. Hearing from will mean the world to me, my love, my joy, my dream, my everything. God bless you.

  4. Comment:she is beautiful, energetic, I love are style but I don’t know why people criticize her, Yemi please just be focus. An advise Yemi, we know you are beautiful so you must not expose yourself to confirm your beauty.

  5. Comment:we love yemi alade , but I want to ask 1 question only 1 question . what is she showing the world , is she showing the world what they ve not seeing b4 , or what ?

  6. Comment:she is above of what she is doing , anybody that is making comment is not that they are envying her no , BT just to correct her so let none misquote the fellow . . is a free world we are , say your mind . nope,

    we all love U… BT we need something tangible from U . not nude , we didn’t ask u to act mojo for us . and if u still want act mojo , na your money u dey fine . anything just to make a living , cos is not easy atall