#InstaTutorial: Perfect Eyebrows and Colorful Eyeshadows? @makeupByOrsela shows you How to


Ladies! Here’s another inspiring InstaTutorial from www.makeupbyorsela.com – For details on how to enroll in the PRO Makeup School this November

Perfect eyebrows are a must have for any lady/woman looking to frame her face effortless with little or no makeup.

If you do begin with having naturally full eyebrows before filling them out with a brow pencil then you would achieve more natural looking results. The key here is ensuring you let your natural brow hairs grow out and stop yourself from plucking/tweezing at them too often.

In this #InstaTutorial, we’d show you how to achieve this and also share with you this beautiful colorful Eye Makeup tutorial.

1. Begin with Neatly groomed /tweezed brows. The fuller your natural brow hairs the better. You’d need a Brow brush, A wand brush, a brow pencil, some concealer, a flat angled brush and a steady hand!

orsela 1

2. To properly fill in your brows you’d need to have a good brow pencil in color that suits your skin tone. For Most of us, we’d be using a range of brown pencils from light to dark and very dark browns depending on our skin tones. The basic tick is to only shade in sparse areas of the brows, shade – not paint. By lightly tapping your pencil around your brows you achieve natural looking brows

orsela 2


orsela 3

orsela 4