The Trip! A stoners’ confessions


How is it possible that i saw myself in another world? I literally felt inhuman, like i was not from Planet earth and nothing here existed. I saw clouds and light different from any i have ever seen. I was walking in the midst of other spirits and for a moment there, i did feel like a spirit. Of some sort.

In this entire time i knew what good was. An i ultimately knew what evil was. In a space of what felt like 10 minutes, but which was actually 4hours i found myself discerning good from evil, right from wrong. I knew what to do, what not to do. It felt as though my spirit was lifted out of my body and i was a very spiritual being. I found a deeper meaning into a lot of concepts that ultimately determined the end of the world and how everything was going to fade away. Is this what the weed trip is?


A lot of people have had many tells of the powerful earth drug, MaryJane. As much as possible this post is not in any way promoting the use of Mary, instead i am trying to find out from our many readers who may have tried it what their experience/experiences were. Is there really anything like the w*** trip? Have you really encountered any out of body experiences under the influence of it? Please do share in the comment section below