@Sneakers4Girls Unbeatable summer offers for Ladies!


Ladies!! This is amazing news if you are a Sneaker freak or just want a couple of hot trendy sneakers in your collection. So you love Sneakers. You’d like to get very comfortable once in a while, pair a pretty pair of skinny jeans with our favorite sneakers and just walk the town with ease. @Sneakers4Girls have been supplying sneakers for ladies for well over a couple of ears now in Lagos and have become the go to suppliers of New and Latest Urban sneaker wear.

Now, for this summer, you get chance to shop exclusive sneakers from @Sneakers4Girls at Huge discounts! All you have to do is add them on BB: 25B310FB to make an order, or follow on Instagram @Sneakers4Girls.
You get a Jaguda Coupon that gets you 20% off every pair of Sneakers you buy!




Camo detail wedge (10)

Combo black white (8.5)