Big Brother Africa The Chase! Meet All 28 Contestants!


This is the full list of contestants for Big Brother Africa The Chase. They will be competing for a whooping  $300,000, among other irresistible goodies. The contestants this year represent 14 different countries in the continent and are 28 in number.

This year the housemates are split up into Diamonds & Rubies.

Let’s meet them:

Beverly Representing Nigeria. Age 21, Model by Profession
Beverly Representing Nigeria. Age 21, Model by Profession
Delish Representing Namibia. Age 22, Psychology Student by Profession
Angelo Representing South Africa. Age 36, Dance Instructor by Profession
Nando Representing Tanzania. Age 22, Student by Profession
Bimp Representing Ethopia. Age 23, Student by Profession
Huddah Representing Kenya. Age 21, Model by Profession
Motamma Representing Botswana. Age 26, Student by Profession
Neyll Representing Angola. Age 32
Fatima Representing Malawi. Age 30, TV Presenter by Profession
Feza Representing Tanzania. Age 25, Recording Artist by Profession
Betty Representing Ethopia. Age 26, Teacher by Profession
Elikem Representing Ghana. Age 24, Tailor & Actor by Profession
Bolt Representing Sierra Leone. Age 27, Business Man by Profession
Annabel Representing Kenya. Age 24, Student & Fashion Designer by Profession
Denzel Representing Uganda. Age 29, Radio & TV Show Host by Profession
Koketso Representing South Africa. Age 26, Entreprenuer by Profession
Hakeem Representing Zimbabwe. Age 22, Model by Profession
Bassey Representing Sierra Leone. Age 22, Student, Actor & Model by Profession
Cleo Representing Zambia. Age 23, Artist by Profession
Oneal Representing Botswana. Age 33, Radio Personality by Profession
Maria Representing Namibia. Age 24, Model & Radio Presenter by Profession
Melvin Representing Nigeria. Age 27, Model & Actor by Profession
Natasha Representing Malawi. Age 26, Self-Employed by Profession
Braulio Representing Angola. Age 29, Student by Profession
Sulu Representing Zambia. Age 31, Businessman by Profession
Pokello Representing Zimbabwe. Age 27, Entreprenuer by Profession
Selly Representing Ghana. Age 25, Actress by Profession
LK4 Representing Uganda. Age 24, CPA by Profession


Now the question is, Who Do You Think Is Gonna Win? Who do you have your money on?

Big Brother Africa The Chase! It’s on.

Image Credits: Big Brother DSTV

  • @Nathsolomon

    9ice 1

  • dumebi isikekpei

    Beverly & Melvin rep 9ja…hmmmm sexy delish

  • Prosper

    9ce time on air again

  • Necy

    I missed bigbrother’s voice,I think koketso will win this tym.necy sithole from burgesfort

  • Maxwell Macharia

    My roommate gropes my sleeping girlfriend in front of me. Midnight Girlfriend Grope

  • http://BBA Blessing

    Zim swgg swt pokello

  • phoebe

    Angelo beta go back to SA and look afta yo grandkids and let us know yo real age man. Big up to Denzel.

  • http://facebook rose sibanda

    wow zimbabwe beautiful lady

  • reagan rigy

    Huddah monroe,,,,,cute bby….KENYA

  • http://Facebook Beryle

    Dellish is delicious go girl i keep voting for u

    • namugenyi dorothy

      i support Dellish also

  • http://gmail nokwanda noky

    My vote goes 2 koketso I luv uuu, u so cute

  • http://@bbathechase zinhle

    I love koketso, we are behind you gal all the way#make us proud#

  • Dipolelo

    big brother the chase rocks sa we r bnd u

  • success Chigozie

    I’m giving it to Melvin,he’s just unbelievable.. Its him or no one else! i luv u big brother… Thumbs up bigie

  • princess prossy

    none other than Denzel

  • lillian

    Huddah baby girl am behind you.

  • Caroline Aduku

    Rubby house rock

  • http://facebook marten mokliz zondiyak

    th namibian chks r jst gorgeus……i lyk thm………………………..

  • http://facebook marten mokliz zondiyak

    feza is sch a hot chc………………..i lyk wtchn hr

  • http://facebook marten mokliz zondiyak

    season 8 got alt of prtty grls espclly maria,dellish en feza……wow………..frm marten……..

  • http://facebook marten mokliz zondiyak

    th namibian grls wil cum wth th mulla bck 2 th country……..frm mokliz al th way frm kati………………

  • Menerad

    Is Nandi real Tanzanian

  • http://Twitter shorai D

    Mrng Africa! My vote goes to Pokello, make us proud girl

  • Leslie

    I think the winning wand is between Melvin and Feza.

  • namugenyi dorothy

    i support Delish

  • Ntsiki (Cape Town)

    My vote gose to Hakeem and Delish. LK4 and Koketso must get some privacy please get them out from Big Brother and go to All U Need Is Love

  • big brother africa

    They are nice and good looking men and women who are going to bring their countries on top.Our representatives show us what you have for us.

  • olatilewa

    Bever nd melvin goodluck.maria u are just my type.

  • nurudeen obedat

    Melvin oduah and Natasha luv u both so much all D̶̲̥̅̊ best darlings all D̶̲̥̅̊ way 4rm 9ja with luv 4rm Aisha Dammy n mum kudosssss!!

  • choco chuke

    ℓ̊ vote Delish all ð way!!!

  • Vanessa

    Melvin make us proud o

  • Necy

    Angelo all the way bro we r behind u

  • Necy

    I cannot imagine the house without angelo

  • Helsien

    I support elikem

  • Uwajimogu happiness

    Hakeem i love u tosay the truth u are my dream man

  • tafmut

    Pokello rocks the mulla jus fits her