I have had 16 Partners in 2years. When is it too much?




The question for today.. How many intimate partners in a period of time is too much? For girls and guys alike. During a documentary filming in Angola, a young 21 year old girl reportedly said she started having s*x at 19 and has had 16 partners in 2 years alone!

Usually you would expect that even though a young unmarried person decides to be s*xually active, they are doing so with one partner, hopefully in a relationship. That is certainly not to be the case. I have several female friends who have lost count of how many guys they have had s*x with in their life time. Have you?

Then again you wonder, compared to the Guys, are females allowed to have so many partners in a period of time? And why please, if i may ask, is the number count on a Guy’s s*xual history taken up as something to boast about, whereas for the girls, she is regarded as a Slut/Whore when she has had more than 2 intimate partners?

Share your thoughts please, let’s have this on the discussion.

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  1. Well having too many sex partners @ a time is rilly both for guys n ladies. And as ladies we are ment to respect our body.

  2. Well if u ask me for bth genders,16 isn’t 2 much in 2 year…we always wana explore and tryout smtin new.
    So we 16 isn’t dat bad bt try using condoms at all times that when it counts most.