VIDEO: Drugs & Gangs In Lagos


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Morroco is a small neighborhood in Shomolu, Fadeyi in Lagos, it reminds me of the bronx in NewYork, where everything goes, drugs, gangs, badboys. This documentary is in no way to depict Lagos in a negative way.. The purpose is to reintegrate these guys back into society, which has been successfully done, by the current Lagos State Government and Freedom Foundation

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Watch The Lifestyle of Area Boys Below

[youtube width=”500″ height=”344″][/youtube]

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  1. Boys are still running gangs and nothing has been “integrated”. Have you been to Mile2 or Alaba-arago? Not disrespectful of what has been done though, but When other Countries are moving forward in society comfort and social plans in place, it hurts me that we are not one of them. Everybody must fend for themselves in Nigeria. So even when you hav done a temporary cleansing of the soul or the environment, with no concrete plan or value for advancement in science and technology, the street urchins will always find their way back, somehow, some way or another. Goodluck just repaired a 15year old abandoned rail. In the modern world of electronic train. Na dat one we wan use? I am pissed, not for myself any more but for the gloom and emptiness our society hands over to our kids. I no fit shout jor

    • I see wetin you mean. I wish our leaders would move beyond for show actions and do real work to improve Nigeria