In Pictures:Cossy Orjiakor In Another Attention Seeking, Risque Photo Sharing Session


It’s quite obvious now right? She loves the attention, and it’s given to her. Hey why not? Cossy Orjiakor has taken it to a higher level with her “totography” as she calls it.

I mean unless you’re going into the adult movie industry, you cant be tweeting  this much semi nude pics of yourself. At least not from you BB camera.

But to those who want to enjoy, here you go. Enjoy some totography 🙂

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BAsFTcQCIAEvou3.jpg large
BAsE_erCYAIRUhs.jpg large



  1. Comment: when a prostitute gets old, she starts selling cigar……her career don die, Dis is just to keep her in d heart of her fans…… though she still buys houses and cars with what she is doing.

  2. Comment : may d LORD have mercy on u…what shall it profit a man to gain d whole world and loose his soul in heal….ur money is nothing without CHRIST…. pls my Dear come to Jesus he is ready to accept u