Our Special Christmas Giveaway! Win Win Win


OOoooooOHHH!! How excited i am right now to be the one presenting this to you! Christmas is here and we are absolutely loving it!

Have you bought any gifts yet? Have you received any? Well we probably are one step ahead of you as we have a special Makeup gift pack to give away to one lucky winner! The good thing is, this is not even gender specific contrary to the belief that Makeup is for the females alone. So what if you win and you are a guy? Lucky you! You could pass it on as a gift to a sister, a friend or even your Mom.

So Everyone gets a chance!

All you have to do is Enter to Win now and a winner would be chosen randomly. How cool is that!

Entries close Dec 23rd, Winner would be selected on Christmas day. All the Best.

Merry Christmas in Advance guys!